Personal: Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars, Henley Squadron: Correspondence and papers.

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Date: 07 Dec 1908 - 24 Oct 1911




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CHAR 1/102/1 Letter from W. Melville Lee, Oxfordshire Territorial Force Association, to [E. Walder], on rent of a shed at Henley Squadron HQ to Ive Brothers, Brewers. 06 Jan 1911
CHAR 1/102/2 Memorandum from Sgt.-Major A. Collier to E. Walder, on Henley Squadron finances. 12 Jan 1911
CHAR 1/102/3 Letter from Valentine Fleming to E. Walder, on Henley Squadron finances. 07 Jul 1910
CHAR 1/102/4-5 Letter from W. Melville Lee to E. Walder, on Henley Squadron finances. 14 Jan 1911
CHAR 1/102/6-8 Q.O.O.H. Mobilization Orders [printed]. 1911
CHAR 1/102/9 Letter from Gen Sir John French (later Lord Ypres), Inspector General of the Forces, to WSC, on his inspection of WSC's yeomanry brigade. 08 Jun 1911
CHAR 1/102/10-11 Letter from Lt.-General Sir Spencer Ewart, War Office, to WSC, on the possibility of the Henley Squadron admitting supernumary men up to a total of 120. 17 Jun 1911
CHAR 1/102/12-13 Letter from Gen Sir John French (later Lord Ypres) to WSC, enclosing notes on WSC's orders to the Composite Squadron of the Oxfordshire Hussars attending the Cavalry Manoeuvres. 24 Oct 1911
CHAR 1/102/14-15 Q.O.O.H. - WSC's Orders to the Composite Squadron attending the Regular Army Cavalry Manoeuvres [printed]. 12 Sep 1911