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Date: 01 Jan 1903 - 30 Jun 1903


Correspondents include Sir Henry Thompson (2); Lord Rosebery (3); Charles, 9th Duke of Marlborough; Lady Gwendolen Cecil; Captain Reginald Barnes; Herbert Asquith (later Lord Oxford and Asquith); George Buckle (The Times); Ernest Beckett (later Lord Grimthorpe) (3); Lord Allerton; W H Fisher (later Lord Downham); Colonel Charles a Court Repington; Lord Cromer; Lady Dorothy Nevill; Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught.

File also includes WSC's engagement diary for 1903.

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Contained records

Reference Record Date
CHAR 1/38/1 Letter from Sir Henry Thompson to WSC, dinner invitation. 05 Jan [1903]
CHAR 1/38/2 Letter from T H Elliott, Board of Agriculture, to WSC, lunch invitation. 10 Jan 1903
CHAR 1/38/3 Letter from Lord Rosebery to WSC, sending letter of introduction to Lord Allerton. 11 Jan 1903
CHAR 1/38/4-5 Letter from Charles, 9th Duke of Marlborough to WSC, on India, particularly on Lord Curzon's Viceroyalty. 15 Jan 1903
CHAR 1/38/6 Letter from Sir Henry Thompson to WSC. 15 Jan [1903]
CHAR 1/38/7 Letter from Lady Gwendolen Cecil to WSC, asking him to visit Hatfield House to discuss letters of Lord Randolph Churchill with Lord Hugh Cecil [later Lord Quickswood]. 19 Jan 1903
CHAR 1/38/8 Letter from G Renwick to WSC, on WSC's visit to Wallsend. 20 Jan 1903
CHAR 1/38/9 Letter from Edward Lawson to WSC, on WSC's speeches. 23 Jan 1903
CHAR 1/38/10 Letter from Captain Reginald Barnes, 4th Hussars, to WSC, on possibility of posting Captain Boothe from the 4th Hussars to a new cavalry regiment in Britain, also on Barnes' own promotion prospects. 29 Jan 1903
CHAR 1/38/11 Letter from Edward Jennings (formerly Sergeant, South African Light Horse) to WSC, asking for help in obtaining gratuity and medals, with note from WSC to Jack Churchill. 03 Feb 1903
CHAR 1/38/12 Letter from Herbert Asquith (later Lord Oxford and Asquith) to WSC, agreeing to see Ernest Beckett (later Lord Grimthorpe). 06 Feb 1903
CHAR 1/38/13 Letter from Sambo, (formerly butler to WSC in India) to WSC, asking for financial help [WSC sent £1]. 12 Feb 1903
CHAR 1/38/14 Letter from Lord Rosebery to WSC, on WSC's speech on local taxation. 15 Feb 1903
CHAR 1/38/15 Letter from J Hanbury Williams, P.S. to Lord Midleton, War Office, to WSC. 25 Feb 1903
CHAR 1/38/16-17 Letter from Gregory Tom to WSC, thanks for letter and photograph, also on his admiration for Lord Randolph Churchill. 07 Mar 1903
CHAR 1/38/18 Letter from Lord Rosebery, 38 Berkeley Square, London, thanks for notes, asking about the proportion of army volunteers to regulars during the Boer War. 19 Mar 1903
CHAR 1/38/19 Letter from George Buckle, Editor, The Times to WSC, on WSC's complaint about article by [ ] Pitt. 19 Mar 1903
CHAR 1/38/20 Letter from Ernest Beckett, later Lord Grimthorpe, to WSC. 25 Mar 1903
CHAR 1/38/21 Letter from Lord Allerton to WSC, apologies for not being able to find letters [from Lord Randolph Churchill]. 29 Mar 1903
CHAR 1/38/22 Letter from J L Corbett to WSC, thanks for copies of WSC's speeches. 30 Mar 1903
CHAR 1/38/23 Letter from Ralph Allen to WSC. 04 Apr [1903]
CHAR 1/38/24 Letter from R W Perks to WSC, thanks for sending book of speeches, also on his admiration for Lord Randolph Churchill. 07 Apr 1903
CHAR 1/38/25 Letter from Ernest Beckett, (later Lord Grimthorpe) to WSC. 16 Apr 1903
CHAR 1/38/26 Letter from W H Fisher, (later Lord Downham), to WSC, thanks for letter of sympathy on the death of [? his wife, Florence Fisher], also on his admiration for Lord Randolph Churchill. 26 Apr 1903
CHAR 1/38/27 Letter from Ernest Beckett, (later Lord Grimthorpe) to WSC. 27 Apr 1903
CHAR 1/38/28 Letter from Colonel Charles a Court Repington, War Office, to WSC, on article signed "Miles" in The Spectator. 29 Apr 1903
CHAR 1/38/29 Letter from J Forbes Robertson to WSC, invitation to attend annual dinner of The Royal General Theatrical Fund. 30 Apr 1903
CHAR 1/38/30 Letter from Royal Society of St George to WSC, thanks for presiding at Festival Dinner, and notice of his election as an Honorary Member. 11 May 1903
CHAR 1/38/31 Letter from Lord Cromer to WSC. 19 Jun 1903
CHAR 1/38/32 Letter from Lumley & Lumley, Solicitors, to WSC, on his income tax return. 19 Jun 1903
CHAR 1/38/33 Letter from Lady Dorothy Nevill to WSC. [28 Jun 1903]
CHAR 1/38/34 Card from H.R.H. Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught to WSC. 30 Jun 1903
CHAR 1/38/35 Letter from Lord Rosebery to WSC. [1903]
CHAR 1/38/36 Leicester Secular Society, temporary membership card issued to WSC. Jun 1903
CHAR 1/38/37 WSC's engagement diary. 1903
CHAR 1/38/38 Filing note for a letter forwarded by Lord Hugh Cecil [later 1st Lord Quickswood] from Captain H F Crosby [letter not present]. [1903]
CHAR 1/38/39 Filing note, January - June 1903. 1903