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Date: 01 Jan 1892 - 31 Dec 1892


Letters from The Marquis de Breteuil; Maxwell McTaggart; John Milbanke; Sir Henry Drummond Wolff; Murland Evans; Thomas Trafford; Chester Dawson (2); Louis Moriarty (2); James Welldon; Dr Robson Roose; Molly Hackett and Albertha, Lady Blandford.

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Reference Record Date
CHAR 1/7/1 Card from The Marquis de Breteuil, 33 Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris, to WSC, dinner invitation. 01 Jan 1892
CHAR 1/7/2 Letter from Maxwell McTaggart to WSC, on the Sandhurst Entrance Examination. 25 Jan 1892
CHAR 1/7/3 Letter from John Milbanke to WSC, on WSC's visit to France. 07 Feb 1892
CHAR 1/7/4 Letter from Sir Henry Drummond Wolff, 28 Cadogan Place, London to WSC, on WSC's success in learning French. 11 Feb 1892
CHAR 1/7/5 Letter from Murland Evans to WSC, on the Harrow Fencing Cup. [Mar 1892]
CHAR 1/7/6 Letter from Thomas Trafford, Buckingham Palace Hotel, London to WSC, on WSC's visit to France, asking for the name of his host at Versailles, as a friend, Lord Granard was studying for, the Diplomatic Service examination, and wished to improve his French and German. 18 Mar 1892
CHAR 1/7/7 Letter from Chester Dawson to WSC, on WSC's visit to France. 27 Mar 1892
CHAR 1/7/8 Letter from Chester Dawson, St Catherine's School, Broxborne to WSC, congratulations on winning the Public Schools Fencing Competition. Stating that he was leaving St Catherine's School And was hoping to get a job with an illustrated newspaper. 22 Jul 1892
CHAR 1/7/9 Letter from Louis Moriarty, Army Class Master, Harrow School, to WSC, on WSC's "very creditable" failure in the Sandhurst entrance examination. Stating that if he worked "earnestly and sensibly" he would pass in November. 23 Aug 1892
CHAR 1/7/10 Letter from Rev. James Welldon, Headmaster, Harrow School, to WSC, on his failure in the Sandhurst entrance examination. Urging him to work "not by fits and starts but with regular persistent industry". Commenting that the grammatical foundation of his language was so uncertain that he lost marks which other boys gained "You therefore have ground to make up as well as new ground to cover". 10 Sep 1892
CHAR 1/7/11 Letter from Louis Moriarty, Army Class Master, Harrow School, to WSC, listing the numbers of the Harrow candidates in the Sandhurst entrance examination. 11 Jan 1893
CHAR 1/7/12 Letter from Bertrand Roose, 89 Gracechurch Street, London to WSC, sending WSC's watch. [16 Feb 1893]
CHAR 1/7/13 Letter from Molly Hackett to WSC, asking for information about the cancellation of Frances Guest's engagement. [1892]
CHAR 1/7/14 Letter from Albertha, Lady Blandford, Blenheim Palace, to WSC, invitation to spend Easter at Blenheim Palace. 19 Mar [1894]