Official: Colonial Office: correspondence, mainly on South African affairs.

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Date: 09 Feb 1906 - 12 May 1906


Correspondents include: Cecil Grenfell; Dudley Marjoribanks [later 3rd Lord Tweedmouth, Military Secretary to Lord Selborne] and his wife (2); Abe Bailey (2); Leonard Courtney; 2nd Lord Selborne [Governor of the Transvaal and High Commissioner for South Africa] (4); Herbert de Reuter [Auguste Reuter] on criticism by WSC of bias in Reuter's coverage of South African affairs and the Munshi expedition in Nigeria (3); James Hutton, [Vice President] of the British Cotton Growing Association; Jan Smuts; 9th Lord Elgin and Kincardine [Secretary of State for the Colonies] (5); Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson [Governor and Commander in Chief, Cape Colony, South Africa] on the native situation in the Cape; 1st Lord Loreburn [earlier Robert Reid, Lord Chancellor] on the Colonial Marriage Bills; Frederic Tatham; Sir Percy Fitzpatrick on a meeting of the Transvaal Progressive Association.

Also includes drafts of telegrams and copy letters from WSC to those mentioned above and to 4th Lord Grey [Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada] and Alfred Lyttelton [former Secretary of State for the Colonies] [some in the hand of WSC's private secretary, Edward Marsh].

Subjects covered in the file include: the mining industry and the repatriation of chinese labour from the Transvaal; matters relating to the Transvaal Constitution, including the voting system for the assembly, and criticism of 1st Lord Milner [former High Commissioner for South Africa]; the Natal crisis; an introduction for Thomas Douglas of Johannesburg [South Africa] Town Council; an invitation to WSC to open the Canadian National Exhibition.

Also includes: newspaper cuttings on mining conditions in the Transvaal, praising WSC, and reporting a Het Volk meeting addressed by General Louis Botha.





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Physical: 1 bound file (71 folios) and 3 loose duplicates in a separate file.
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