Official: Colonial Office: papers and correspondence.

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Date: Mar 1904 - Nov 1906


Includes reports by Captain Ian Hogg, officer commanding the Niger Expeditionary Force, on operations to quell unrest in the Asaba hinterland (by the Ekumeku Society [an anti-colonial group]) and the Irua country [Nigeria]; cutting from the Pall Mall Gazette criticising a speech by WSC on the administration of South Africa, calling him the "The Blenheim Pup"; detailed exposition from Sir Graham Bower, [Colonial Secretary] of Mauritius, to Sir Montagu Ommanney [Permanent Under Secretary for the Colonies] on the reasons behind contemporary controversies in South African politics; a memorandum on wireless telegraphy with a map showing installations in North America; minutes of the proceedings in conference of the representatives of Canada and the provinces; an appeal by W H Holland concerning the Xema [?South Africa] expedition; WSC's hand-written notes on the Transvaal [South Africa] constitution question; summary of charges and findings on "unnatural vice" involving Chinese indentured labour in South Africa, WSC's notes on the Bucknill report and the reasons for not publishing it.




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