Official: Colonial Office: correspondence.

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Date: 02 Jun 1907 - 30 Jun 1907


Correspondents include: 9th Lord Elgin and Kincardine [Secretary of State for the Colonies] on a variety of subjects and WSC's methods of annotating minutes and drafting despatches (5); James Ramsay Macdonald on the miners' strike in the Transvaal [South Africa]; Colonel Sir Percy Girouard, High Commissioner [of Protectorate of Northern Nigeria] on railways and administration; 4th Lord Onslow on a Colonel Harding; Sir Robert Bond [Premier and Colonial Secretary, Newfoundland, Canada] on publishing the Colonial Conference proceedings; Philip O'Doherty MP sending on a letter from an acquaintance seeking work; 2nd Lord Selborne [Governor of the Transvaal and High Commissioner for South Africa] on the Transvaal volunteer army; Major Edward Leggett, General Manager of the British East Africa [later Kenya] Corporation Limited on German colonial policy in East Africa; Major Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams [Lieutenant-Governor Orange River Colony, South Africa] on being sworn in as Governor and Martinus Steyn [former President of the Orange Free State]; 3rd Lord Delamere and 3rd Lord Hindlip on developing land in British East Africa; Sir Alfred Thomas [later 1st Lord Pontypridd] on WSC's speech of 20 June on South Africa; Sir Frederick Lugard on going to Hong Kong to take up his position [as Governor and Commander in Chief]; Sir Richard Solomon [Attorney-General of the Transvaal] (2) and Louis Botha [Premier of Transvaal] (2) on Transvaal politics, including the repatriation of chinese labour, the loan from Britain, and the civil service; James Hutton, Chairman of the British Cotton Growing Association, on the Lagos [Nigeria] government railway and his relations with the Colonial Office (2); Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson [Governor and Commander in Chief, Cape Colony, South Africa] on various aspects of South African affairs.

Also includes drafts of telegrams and copy letters from WSC to some of those mentioned above and to Richard Haldane [Secretary of State for War] on Colonel James Babington and from Edward Marsh [Private Secretary at the Colonial Office] to Lieutenant-General Edwin Collen.

Other subjects include: natives travelling from Northern Rhodesia [later Zambia] to work in the Transvaal mines; the Orange River Colony letters patent.





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