Official: Colonial Office: correspondence.

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Date: 03 Jul 1907 - Dec 1907


Correspondents include: Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson [Governor and Commander in Chief, Cape Colony, South Africa] (3); Sir Charles Dilke; Sir Graham Bower [Colonial Secretary of Mauritius] seeking promotion; Sir Walter Egerton [Governor of Southern Nigeria], James Hutton, Chairman of the British Cotton Growing Association (2), and Sir Alfred Jones on the construction of the north Nigeria railway and WSC's support for cotton growers; 3rd Lord Hindlip on land prices in Mombasa [British East Africa, later Kenya] (2); Major-General Sir Reginald Wingate [Governor-General of Sudan]; Sir Charles King-Harman [High Commissioner of Cyprus]; 2nd Lord Selborne [Governor of the Transvaal and High Commissioner for South Africa] (2) on subjects including Transvaal defence and Dudley Marjoribanks [later 3rd Lord Tweedmouth, Military Secretary to Selborne]; 4th Lord Salisbury recommending an officer; 9th Lord Elgin and Kincardine [Secretary of State for the Colonies]; Moreton Frewen on the timber business in British East Africa; Francis Hopwood [later 1st Lord Southborough, Permanent Under-Secretary for the Colonies]; Kenneth Dundas; Lieutenant-Colonel James Sadler [Governor, British East Africa Protectorate]; Sir Eldon Gorst [Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs]; Major Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams [Governor, Orange River Colony, later Orange Free State, South Africa] on railway rates.

Also includes drafts of telegrams and copy letters from WSC to some of those mentioned above and to King Edward VII (see CHAR 10/27/66-69)and notes by Colonial Office officials.

Subjects covered in the file include: matters concerning South African politics, including recruiting labour for the mining industry in the Transvaal, chinese labour, the land settlement loan, the Cullinan diamond, Natal affairs, and giving Cape Town a Lord Mayor; trade and the colonies, including inter-colonial preference and import rates for British colonial wines; preparations for and details of WSC's tour of East Africa; details of the political situation in Cyprus, Somaliland [later Somalia] and Mauritius; British East African and Ugandan affairs; Newfoundland fisheries; a visit of Swaziland chiefs to London.

Also includes: cuttings on the Transvaal government; itinerary for WSC's journey with costs; appeal by British East African planters for labour and transport facilities.





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CHAR 10/27/66-69 Copy of a letter from WSC (In camp near Mrali, Victoria Nile, Uganda [Africa]) to [King Edward VII] about his visit to Africa and impressions of the country. WSC expresses admiration for "these noble and spacious posessions" recently added to the Dominions, especially the East African Protectorate and Kenya; describes Mount Kenya and Uganda; notes the "evil effects" of the climate on Europeans and the danger of diseases especially sleeping sickness caused by the tsetse fly; praises the Governor of Uganda, Hesketh Bell, in dealing with sleeping sickness; notes discontent among white settlers and that he has made recommendations to [9th] Lord Elgin [and Kincardine, Secretary of State for the Colonies]; discusses the benefits of a possible extension to the Ugandan railway; reports that he has shot a rhinoceros and other game; praises Gordon Wilson; and describes a visit to French manouvres as a guest of General de Lacroix. Manuscript copy in the hand of Edward Marsh [Private Secretary to WSC]. 27 Nov 1911