Official: Colonial Office: correspondence.

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Date: 01 Jan 1908 - 05 Dec 1908


Correspondents include: Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson [Governor and Commander in Chief, Cape Colony, South Africa] (2) on subjects including the Cape elections; Lieutenant-Colonel James Sadler [Governor, British East Africa Protectorate, later Kenya] (4); 2nd Lord Selborne [Governor of the Transvaal and High Commissioner for South Africa]; 9th Lord Elgin and Kincardine [Secretary of State for the Colonies] (2) on subjects including criticising "entrenched officials"; 1st Lord Knollys [Private Secretary to King Edward VII] (2) thanking WSC on behalf of the King for his letter on his African travels; Arthur Griffith-Boscawen on the colonial militia service; Sir Gilbert Parker; Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Matthew Nathan [Governor of Natal, South Africa] on Dinizulu; Claude Dansey on Somaliland [later Somalia] matters; Augustine Birrell [Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland]; Frederic Creswell on the racial make-up of the mining industry in the Transvaal [South Africa]; Charles Burnham on his intention to emigrate to British East Africa and his part in WSC's escape from the Boers; James Hutton, [Vice President] of the British Cotton Growing Association; Louis Botha on troop withdrawals from Transvaal; 10th Lord Scarborough on railway building in Nigeria; Hesketh Bell [Governor of Uganda]; Major-General Sir Reginald Wingate [Governor-General of Sudan] passing on correspondence between Bell and himself on the construction of a telegraphic line; Colonel Lord Edward Cecil [Under Secretary of Finance] (Cairo [Egypt]) on his career; Francis Hopwood [later 1st Lord Southborough, Permanent Under-Secretary for the Colonies]; Reginald Antrobus [Assistant Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies] on presents for Ugandan chiefs.

Also includes drafts of telegrams and copy letters from WSC to some of those mentioned above and to the Governors of Barbados [?] and Jamaica [Sydney Olivier] on a visit by WSC's cousin, Lady Ridley.

Subjects covered by the file include: land settlement, railway building and the police force in East Africa; various matters concerning South African affairs, including the "Indian question", the role of Botha, and language legislation; arranging an audience for WSC with the "Khedive" [of ?French Somaliland, later Djibouti]; welcoming WSC home from his tour; indentured labour in the Transvaal and the New Hebrides; a lawsuit involving Thomas Bent, Premier of Victoria [Australia]; requests for WSC's assistance with appointments; comments on WSC's speeches; congratulations on WSC's appointment as President of the Board of Trade.

Also includes: cuttings reporting a speech by John Merriman, Prime Minister of Cape Colony, and on Thomas Bent.





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