Official: Board of Trade: Trade Boards Bill, Sweated Industries Bill: notes and papers.

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Date: 18 Feb 1908 - 09 Apr 1909


Includes: an annotated copy of "The Case for and against a Legal Minimum Wage for Sweated Workers" by the Women's Industrial Council; a memorandum on the Sweated Industries Bill; a memorandum on the Wages Board System in Victoria [Australia]; a memorandum on Civil Service Conciliation or Wages Boards; notes on Sidney Webb [later 1st Lord Passfield]'s scheme for dealing with the Unemployed; observations by Clara Collet [Senior Investigator, Board of Trade] on "The Case for and against a Legal Minimum Wage"; general remarks on some sweated industries; notes on the Sweated Industries Bill and comparisons with the Trade Boards Bill; a memo on sweated industries by WSC; drafts of the Sweated Industries Bill and Trade Boards Bill; observations on the bills by William Beveridge, Clara Collet, Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith [Permanent Secretary to the Board of Trade], John Wills, Sir Charles Dilke, Ramsay Macdonald, Walter Runciman, [May] Tennant, Rose Squire and Malcolm Delevingne; a list of trades suggested for the schedule of the Sweated Industries Bill, with notes by Collet; statistics of women and girls employed in certain occupations in 1901; draft supplementary clauses to the Trade Boards Bill to prevent evasion; arguments for a probationary period for the Trade Boards Bill; note on Trade Boards and the tailoring trade.




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CHAR 11/16/13-20 "Observations on 'The case for and against a legal minimum wage for sewated workers' published by the Women's Industrial Council" 27 April [1908]