Official: Board of Trade: International Trade; National Revenue: notes and papers.

Reference code: CHAR 11/22

Part of: CHAR 11
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Date: 11 Aug 1904 - 30 Dec 1909


Includes: notes by WSC on import duty; a memorandum by Alfred Flux on import duty; a memorandum on the financial aspect of 10% import duty on manufactured goods; note on the establishment of Liverpool as a Free Port, with a parliamentary paper on continental Free Ports; a memorandum on British investments abroad with notes by Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith [Permanent Secretary to the Board of Trade]; a copy of the Corn Trade News, with accompanying comments and a letter from Sir Robert Hudson; note on the "most-favoured-nation" principle; a memorandum on tea duty and the Budget; a memorandum on tariff revision in the United States; "Loaded Dice", a booklet on British and Foreign Trade and Industry, by the London Municipal Society Department of the Anti- Socialist Economics, with a note from Sir Hubert Llewellyn Smith; Preliminary Summaries of British Trade for 1909.





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