Official: Board of Trade: Railway Nationalization: Board of Trade Conference: notes and prints.

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Date: 26 May 1908 - 23 Mar 1909


Includes: notes by WSC on the question of State Purchase; notes on the Financial Operation of State Purchase by Ernest Rowntree [Secretary to the Committee on Railway Agreements and Amalgamations]; annotated draft copies of WSC's memorandum on the Great Northern, Great Central and Great Eastern Railways Bill; draft copy of the Proof of Evidence (Railway Amalgamation and Agreements); Recommendations of the Joint Committee of 1872 on Railway Companies Amalgamation; a memorandum of clauses proposed for insertion in the Railways Bill; extracts from remarks made by WSC at meetings of the Railway Conference (May-July 1908) on tribunals, joint boards and the 1894 Act; a copy of the report of the Board of Trade Railway Conference.




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Physical: 2 bound files (48 folios, including pamphlets)
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