Official: Admiralty: Antwerp and the North Sea coast: maps and charts.

Reference code: CHAR 13/34

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Date: 1914


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Reference Record Date
CHAR 13/34/1 Chart of coast of Germany off Schleswig and around the island of Sylt. 1914
CHAR 13/34/2 Map of the Western Front, with forts and defences marked: scale 1:70,000. 1914
CHAR 13/34/3 Map of the area surrounding Antwerp [Belgium], showing Allied defences, scale 1:40,000. 1914
CHAR 13/34/4 Admiralty Chart of Horns Reef and the coastal waters of the Netherlands. 08 May 1914
CHAR 13/34/5 Admiralty chart of the coasts of the northern Netherlands and Germany. 1914
CHAR 13/34/6 Admiralty chart of coastal approaches to Esbjerg [Denmark]. 1914