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Date: 29 Nov 1911 - 31 Dec 1912


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CHAR 13/4/1 Minute by Rear-Admiral Alexander Bethell, Director of Naval Intelligence, on Fanning Island, an atoll in the Pacific Ocean on the direct route from Vancouver [Canada] to Auckland [New Zealand], and from San Francisco [United States] to Fiji and Sydney [Australia]. The island had been bought by an Anglo-Canadian syndicate who hoped to work its phosphates resources, and were investigating the possibility of creating a coaling station for merchant steamers; Bethell recommends improving the harbour. [Typescript, signed by Bethell, and initialled by WSC]. 29 Nov 1911 - 01 Dec 1911
CHAR 13/4/2 Minute from WSC, to [Rear-Admiral Alexander Bethell], Director of Naval Intelligence, asking for his views on the establishment of a wireless station in the Shetland Islands; also asking if it would be worth putting a small torpedo base there and about German influence in the islands. [Hand-written, initialled by WSC]. 31 Oct 1911
CHAR 13/4/3-6 Minute from Rear-Admiral Alexander Bethell, Director of Naval Intelligence, to WSC stating that there was no real necessity for a wireless station in the Shetland Islands, as it would be the wartime base of the 7th Cruiser Squadron, which was equipped with wireless; also stating that a base would cost around 9,000 pounds and require a force of 25 men to defend it. Bethell adds that German influence was not very marked in the islands, and that very few German ships had visited there since 1904; includes attached report on the number and distribution of the population and a list of ships to have visited Lerwick since 1909. 02 Nov 1911
CHAR 13/4/7-10 Admiralty minute giving WSC's decision on the cost of maintaining certain naval vessels and establishments: it states that WSC could see no grounds for justifying the annual expenditure of 4,700 pounds on the Royal Yacht, Alberta, and that the King's permission would be sought for the yacht to be broken up; a case had been made for the maintenance of the Alacrity on the China Station, the Surprise in the Home Fleet, the Huzzar in the Mediterranean Fleet and the Admiralty Yacht Enchantress, but not for the yachts of the Commanders-in-Chief at the Nore, Portsmouth and Devonport. It also recommends that WSC should surrender Admiralty House completely to the public service, and that it should be used as office accommodation but that reception rooms on the ground floor should be retained for official entertaining. [Unsigned typescript]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/11 Admiralty minute to the First Lord of the Admiralty [WSC] on the Home Fleet gunnery practice for September 1911. [Unsigned manuscript]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/12-15 Admiralty memorandum on movements of the German High Seas Fleet, July - November 1911. [Typescript]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/16-18 Admiralty memorandum on dispositions of Royal Naval vessels in the North Sea, September 1911. [Duplicate typescript]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/19-20 Admiralty memorandum on the movements of the German High Seas Fleet during the Moroccan negotiations, September - November 1911 [over Agadir]. [unsigned manuscript]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/21-24 Admiralty memorandum on German naval construction, particularly the new Navy Law, allowing for three capital ships, 15,000 men and 13,000,000 pounds spending. [Typescript, with ms annotations]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/25 Admiralty memorandum on cruisers and scouts for the main battle fleet, particularly the "Super Swift" and "Super Active" classes. [Manuscript]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/26-29 Minute from [WSC] to the 1st Sea Lord [Rear-Admiral Sir Francis Bridgeman] and the 2nd Sea Lord [Rear-Admiral Prince Louis of Battenberg, later 1st Lord Milford Haven] on the new fleet organisation, recommending that each squadron of the "First Fleet" be based at a particular port. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/30-34 Memorandum by Lieutenant T Guy Harrison on the general principles of a torpedo. [Typescript]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/35-38 Memorandum by WSC on the deck cabin of HMS Enchantress [the Admiralty Yacht], asking for estimates for the cost of alterations to the cabin. [Carbon copy]. [1911]
CHAR 13/4/39-44 Memorandum by Captain Maurice Hankey, Assistant Secretary to the Committee of Imperial Defence, on the necessity for co-ordinating staff work afloat. [Typescript, initialled by WSC]. [Nov] [1911]
CHAR 13/4/45-51 Admiralty memorandum on procedure at the Admiralty in the event of outbreak of war. [Carbon copy]. 22 Jun 1909