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Date: [1911] - [1915]


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CHAR 13/7/1 Telegram from WSC [First Lord of the Admiralty] to Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Fisher (Excelsior Hotel, Naples, Italy), thanking him for his letter, and stating that what he feared [unspecified] would not happen. [Copy]. [1911]
CHAR 13/7/2-8 Memorandum by Vice-Admiral Sir John Jellicoe [? 2nd Sea Lord], on his reasons for preferring seven, or if possible, eight "Super Active" cruisers, with extensive annotations by Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Fisher, criticising the "Super Active" design: "What on earth is the use of a vessel that can neither fight nor run away, nor able to reconnoitre nor able to accompany submarines". [1912]
CHAR 13/7/9-10 Note by Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Fisher [? to WSC], agreeing with Rear-Admiral Arthur Limpus that HMS Inflexible should be planked over and taken to Gibraltar. [Hand-written original with typescript copy]. [1912]
CHAR 13/7/11 Letter from Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Fisher to WSC, on his correspondence with Major-General Frederick Heath-Caldwell [Inspector of Royal Engineers, earlier Frederick Heath]. [Carbon]. [1912]
CHAR 13/7/12-13 Letter from Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Fisher to WSC, with thanks for sending a letter and enclosure, also a "very fine" letter from Vice-Admiral Sir John Jellicoe [2nd Sea Lord], also on senior naval appointments, concerning [?] Rear-Admiral Lewis Bayly [Commander of the 1st Battle Cruiser Squadron] and [?] Captain Henry Oliver. [Hand-written original with typescript copy]. [1912]
CHAR 13/7/14-15 Note from WSC to Admiral of the Fleet 1st Lord Fisher, "An early worm, juicy!" annotated by Fisher "Fully concur and sent on to the mules!". [Hand-written, and initialled by WSC, with typescript copy]. 25 Apr [1912]
CHAR 13/7/16-17 Note from Jo Sturdee ["N S", later Lady Onslow, Secretary to WSC] to WSC, on the discovery of letters from 1st Lord Fisher in the Muniment Room [? at Chartwell, Kent], asking if he wished them to be shown to the professor working on Fisher's biography, with WSC's hand-written reply, asking for the letters to be kept in the "period box" with other letters from Fisher. 19 Jul 1946
CHAR 13/7/18 Envelope, addressed to WSC by 1st Lord Fisher. [1911]
CHAR 13/7/19 Letter from Frances, Lady Nicholson (Newlands, Stanstead Abbots, Hertfordshire) to Admiral Sir John Fisher [1st Sea Lord], praising the scheme of education at the Royal Naval College, Osborne [Isle of Wight], describing the beneficial effect it had had on her grandson, Harry Van Renen, who had just completed his first term there. [Typescript copy]. 30 Dec 1907
CHAR 13/7/20 Press-cutting, reporting a letter from William T Stead, praising Admiral Sir John Fisher [1st Sea Lord]. [1908]
CHAR 13/7/21 Press-cutting from the Daily Mirror, on Sir Marcus Samuel [later 1st Lord Bearsted], who had retired from business because he considered all "present-day public men mediocrities, with the exception of [Admiral] Sir John Fisher" [1st Sea Lord], with hand-written annotation by Fisher "What about my dear Winston!!!!". [Jan] 1908
CHAR 13/7/22-30 Prints and technical drawings of proposed 25-knot battleships with internal combustion engines, and of 29,000 and 27,500 tons displacement. [1909]