Official: Munitions.

Reference code: CHAR 15/120

Part of: CHAR 15
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Date: May 1917 - Dec 1917


M (Materials) Papers on overseas transport including: memorandum "Proposal to Secure Absolutely the National Safety by Concentrating Shipping in the Atlantic by Sir Leo Chiozza Money; letter from Robert Burton-Chadwick to Christopher Addison (Minister of Munitions) on his appointment as the Minister's adviser on shipping matters; statements and tables showing import of munitions, Apr-Dec 1917; memorandum by Sir Joseph Maclay, Ministry of Shipping, on the position of merchant shipbuilding; Ministry of Shipping monthly statement on employment of British Vessels on 30 Sep 1917; Ministry of Shipping memorandum on the Allied food problem in relation to the general tonnage problem; memorandum by James Masterton-Smith, on problems caused by the decision of the Shipping Minister (Sir Joseph Maclay) to allow only Spanish ships to carry British coal to Spanish ports, trebling the freight charges.



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