Official: Munitions.

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Date: 01 Jun 1918 - 31 Dec 1918


War Cabinet Papers Including memorandum on the organisation of the Inter-Allied Munitions Council; The Munitions Position as affected by the prospective shortage of coal; Memo by WSC on agreement between John Brown & Co., Shipbuilders, Clydebank, the Ship Constructors and Shipwrights Association, Clydebank, and the Admiralty; Memo on the production of oil from Cannel Coal; The Munitions Programme, 1919 by WSC; the Strike of Wood Workers in the Aircraft Industry in London; The Report of Lord Crewe's Committee on the Production of Fuel Oil from Home Sources; Munitions and the Limits of Recruiting by WSC; Notes on industrial disputes indicating the existence of a "somewhat serious state of labour unrest in munitions industries; Minute by Lord Milner, Secretary of State for War on British Man-Power; Wage Increases by Ministry of Munitions Labour Department; Man-Power 1918 and 1919 by WSC;; Supplies to the United States Armies by WSC; Changes to the Munitions of War Bill; War Pledges on Priority of Re-employment and Restoration of Trade Union Practices; Government Building Contracts; The re-introduction of Horse Racing by WSC and The Constitution and Functions of the French Ministry of National Reconstruction.

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