Official: Munitions.

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Date: 21 May 1917 - 31 Dec 1917


A (Air) Various papers including proceedings of Anglo-French conference on Aeronautical supplies; memo by WSC on the estimated output of aircraft for 1917; notes on the limitations controlling the output of complete aeroplanes and seaplanes by Sir William Weir with reply by WSC; letter from Lord Cowdray to General Jan Smuts on the functions of the Air Board; correspondence between Lord Weir and Major R C Bolling, United States Aeronautical Commission; Statement by Weir on Aeronautical supply [printed]; memo on Aeroplane construction in Germany; organisational charts for the Air Ministry and the Air Staff; memo on the Air Ministry and the proposed independent "Air Service" [which became the Royal Air Force on 1 Apr 1918], memorandum by Commander Charles Samson on organisation of bombing aeroplanes; maps of the Western Front showing bombing attacks by 5th Army aircraft; graphs showing aircraft production; Report of the Air Board on Rolls Royce Ltd, and their "monopoly" of aero-engine production; telegram from Lord Northcliffe on the possibilities of aircraft production in the United States; letter from Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig on the strength and organisation of the Royal Flying Corps; Report on proposed aeroplane manufacture in Dublin, Ireland.





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