Official: Munitions.

Reference code: CHAR 15/58

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Date: 01 Jan 1918 - 30 Apr 1918


A (Air) Various papers including Report on output of aircraft with a view to increased offensive against German Towns by Major-General Hugh Trenchard; note by Lord Rothermere of conversation with Major-General Robert Brooke-Popham on the desirability of reducing the number of engine types in use in service aircraft; memorandum by Major-General Sefton Brancker [Controller-General of Equipment and Master-General of Personnel on the Air Council] on the requirements of the Air Force in aeroplanes, seaplanes and engines; resolutions of the Inter-Allied Aviation Committee; memos by Sir William Weir, Director General of Aircraft Production on aircraft production; Minute from Sir William Weir to the Chief of the Air Staff [Trenchard] on requirements for marine aircraft; memos on the construction and design of marine aircraft, and On-Shore Patrol Work by aeroplanes by Wing-Captain R M Groves RN; report on the organisation in France of anti-submarine coastal patrol by aircraft by Captain L Pierron; minute from WSC to Wing-Captain R M Groves RN on aeroplane anti-submarine patrols; report on long-range bombing of German towns by Sir Henry Norman.




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