Official: Munitions.

Reference code: CHAR 15/65

Part of: CHAR 15
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Previous record: CHAR 15/64

Date: Feb 1918


A (Air) Ministry of Munitions Technical Department Aeroplane data book Loose-leaf volume with technical data and photographs of service aircraft: Armstong Whitworth F.K.8; B.E. 2c; B.E. 2d; B.E. 2e; B.E. 12; Bristol Scout D; Bristol Fighter F.2B; De Haviland No.4; De Haviland No.5; De Haviland No.6; F.E 2B; F.E. 2D; F.E. 8; Martinsyde Scout; R.E.8; S.E. 5; S.E. 5a; Sopwith Pup; Sopwith Bomber; Sopwith 1.5 Strutter; Sopwith Triplane; Sopwith Camel F.1; Spad; Vickers F.B. 9; Vickers F.B. 14; Vickers F.B. 19 Mark 1; Vickers F.B. 19 Mark 2; Blackburn "Kangaroo" (experimental machine); Sopwith Snipe; De Haviland 9; De Haviland 9a; De Haviland 10; Handley-Page V.1500; Sopwith Salamander; Sopwith Torpedo Plane T.1; Sopwith T.F.2;.



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