Official: War and Air: memoranda, notes, and other correspondence on Russia.

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Date: 05 May 1919 - 30 Aug 1919


Correspondents include: Major Sir Ernest Shackleton; Sir Archibald Sinclair [later 1st Lord Thurso, Personal Military Secretary to the Secretary State for War] (12); Lieutenant-General Sir Charles Briggs (5); General Sir Henry Wilson [Chief of Imperial General Staff]; William de Ropp; Vladimir Litvinov-Falynsky; C Nabokov.

Also includes copy minutes, telegrams and notes from WSC to some of those mentioned above and to Deputy Chief of Imperial General Staff [Major-General Charles Harington]; and General Sir Henry Rawlinson appointing him Commander, Forces in North Russia; notes of interviews with Sir George Buchanan, Comte Alfred Tyszkiewicz, General Andranik, Lieutenant-General Serge Belosselsky-Belozersky, and a meeting between WSC and senior War Office figures; copy of a Russian Liberation Committee pamphlet; statement by Briggs to the Army Committee of the House of Commons.

Subjects covered by the file include: the situation in Finland, Lithuania and Latvia; operations against and the situation in Petrograd [later Leningrad and St Petersburg]; support for and communication with Admiral Alexander Kolchak and General Anton Denikin; British withdrawal from north Russia; German influence; supplying medicine, food, currency and economic assistance to the "white" Russians; General Nikolai Youdenitch's position; a visit by Briggs to Russia.





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