Official: War and Air: telegrams and notes on the Middle East.

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Date: 09 Sep 1919 - 22 Dec 1920


Correspondents include: Commander-in-Chief, Mesopotamia [later Iraq, Major-General Sir George McMunn; until January 1920] (3); Lieutenant-General Sir George Milne [Commanded the British Forces at Constantinople, later Istanbul, Turkey] on the occupation of Constantinople, his promotion to General, and assisting south Russia (3); Major-General Percy Radcliffe [Director of Military Operations, War Office] (2); Jack Scott [Air Secretary and Private Secretary to WSC] (2); Air-Marshal Sir Hugh Trenchard [Chief of the Air Staff] (2); Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer Haldane, Commander-in-Chief Mesopotamia [from January 1920] (18); Field Marshal 1st Lord Allenby [High Commissioner for Egypt and the Sudan] on Palestinian affairs (3); Chief of Imperial General Staff [General Sir Henry Wilson].

Also includes copy telegrams and notes from WSC to some of those mentioned above and to David Lloyd George and Commander-in-Chief India [General 1st Lord Rawlinson]; notes of conversation between WSC, Eleutherios Venizelos [Prime Minister of Greece] and Wilson on Greek plans in Turkey; memorandum by Radcliffe on British and Indian forces in Mesopotamia.

Subjects covered by the file include: matters concerning Mesopotamia, including reducing troop numbers, T E Lawrence's ["Lawrence of Arabia", later T E Shaw] views, the use of airships, communications with Tabriz [later Iran], the works programme, the climate, and the revolt.




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