Official: War and Air: correspondence from Brigadier-General Edward Spears and the British Military Mission in Paris [France] to WSC and War Office officials.

Reference code: CHAR 16/35

Part of: CHAR 16
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Date: 17 Jan 1919 - 28 Mar 1919


Also includes a note from Major-General Percy Radcliffe [Director of Military Operations, War Office].

Subjects covered by the file include: congratulations on WSC's appointment; Greek claims in Turkey; French policy towards Syria, the rest of Europe, and the Bolsheviks; internal French politics and [Georges] Clemenceau [Prime Minister of France]; matters concerning Germany, including German colonies in Africa; matters concerning the borders and politics of Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania and the Baltic states, Belgium, Italy, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Danzig [later Gdansk, Poland]; the military situation and foreign troops in Russia; United States policy in Europe; T E Lawrence's ["Lawrence of Arabia", later T E Shaw] role in the Middle East; Ukrainian activity in Paris; comparison of the Paris Peace Conference with that of 1815; socialism and Bolshevism in Germany; and operations in Ukraine.

Also includes copies of and cuttings from French newspapers; map showing suggested borders for Latvia.





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