Official: War and Air: correspondence from Brigadier-General Edward Spears and the British Military Mission in Paris [France] to WSC and War Office officials.

Reference code: CHAR 16/36

Part of: CHAR 16
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Date: 04 Apr 1919 - 31 May 1919


Also includes copies of letters from General Tasker Bliss [United States Commissioner, Paris Peace Conference] on China and Japan, and General Pechitch [Chief of the Serbian military delegation to Paris].

Subjects covered by the file include: matters concerning the borders and politics of Poland, Danzig [later Gdansk, Poland], Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Lithuania and the Baltic states, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, and Fiume [later Rijeka, Yugoslavia]; Spears' interest in becoming Military Attache in Paris; matters concerning internal French politics, including [Georges] Clemenceau [Prime Minister of France] and Marshal Ferdinand Foch; the threat of Bolshevism in eastern Europe; supplying the Serbian army; matters concerning the Russian Civil War, including alleged Bolshevik atrocities; United States policy; an alleged German agreement with Japan; Scandinavian opinion on the League of Nations.

Also includes precis of a memorandum by Foch on the establishment of permanent military missions; cuttings from French newspapers and the New York [United States] Herald.





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