Official: War and Air: correspondence mainly from Brigadier-General Edward Spears and the British Military Mission in Paris [France] to WSC and War Office officials.

Reference code: CHAR 16/38

Part of: CHAR 16
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Date: 05 Aug 1919 - 21 Nov 1919


Also includes correspondence from Generals Pechitch [Chief of the Serbian military delegation to Paris] and Tscherbatchev, and Mary Spears; note from WSC to 1st Lord Curzon [Lord President of Council].

Subjects covered by the file include: matters concerning the Russian Civil War, including supplies for the Bolsheviks, figures such as Sergei Sazonov, General Nikolai Youdenitch, General Anton Denikin, Admiral Alexander Kolchak, and Simon Petliura, Bolshevik activity in Afghanistan, the military and political situation in Armenia, the Transcaucasus, south Russia, Lithuania and the Baltic states, north Russia, Siberia, Finland, Poland and the Ukraine, German influence, and French policy; matters concerning Romania, Syria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Albania, and Belgium; the peace negotiations at St Germain [France] involving the German-Austrians; intrigues in Switzerland involving deposed European monarchs.

Also includes cutting from a French newspaper.





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