Official: War and Air: correspondence from Brigadier-General Edward Spears and the British Military Mission in Paris [France] to Sir Archibald Sinclair [later 1st Lord Thurso, Personal Military Secretary to the Secretary State for War] and War Office officials.

Reference code: CHAR 16/41

Part of: CHAR 16
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Date: 05 Nov 1919 - 29 Nov 1919


Subjects covered by the file include: matters concerning the Russian Civil War, including the Ukrainian delegation in Paris, Finnish and Polish intervention, figures such as General Carl Mannerheim, General Anton Denikin, and Boris Savinkov, the military situation, Russian finances, differences between the Russians in Paris, the attitude of the Baltic states to Bolshevism, and French policy; general Anglo-French tensions.

Also includes cuttings from French newspapers; a French Foreign Office note.





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