Official: War and Air: correspondence mainly from Brigadier-General Edward Spears, Major Gerald Geiger and the British Military Mission in Paris [France] to Sir Archibald Sinclair [later 1st Lord Thurso, Personal Military Secretary to the Secretary State for War], WSC and War Office officials.

Reference code: CHAR 16/65

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Date: 12 Feb 1920 - 28 Feb 1920


Also includes copies of correspondence from Frank Rattigan [Charge d'Affaires in Romania]; Major-General Sir William Thwaites [Director of Military Intelligence, War Office] (2).

Subjects covered by the file include: matters concerning Russia and Poland, including the role of various anti-Bolsheviks in Paris, such as Boris Savinkov, the position of General Anton Denikin and the Ukraine, and the impact of the conflict on the Baltic states, Romania, and Japan; French public opinion of Alexandre Millerand's government; French foreign and military policy concerning Russia, Poland, Britain, Germany, Syria and Turkey; the status of Constantinople [later Istanbul, Turkey]; appointing Major-General Sir Charles Sackville-West as Military Attache, Paris; and anti-French propaganda being spread by British [intelligence] agents.





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Open, except for folio 2 which is only available in 'sanitised' form under S23 of the Freedom of Information Act. Review date 1 January 2021.

Physical: 1 bound file and 1 folder (129 folios)
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