Official: War and Air: intelligence reports, including material from the K K Series and others.

Reference code: CHAR 16/74

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Date: 27 Dec 1920-5 Jan 1921


Includes secret intelligence reports and intercepted documents from and about the Soviet Union, Greece, India and Japan on various subjects including: Soviet and Bolshevik issues such as Anglo-Russian trade, Soviet government telegrams to the Daily Herald, orders to Soviet troops and dissatisfaction in the Red Army, and the anti-Bolshevik (White Russian) movement; Sylvia Pankhurst and Communist publications; security of cyphers; affairs in Turkey including the anti-American movement and Turkish nationalists; dealings between the Greek War Ministry and a British firm for war supplies; the likelihood of revolution in India; trade between Germany and the Soviet Union; allegations by France that Germany was failing to deliver disarmament pledges; and Japan's attitude to the defeat of [Pyotr] Wrangel.




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Opened on instructions from the Cabinet Office, June 2013.

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