Official: Colonial Office: various papers.

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Date: 14 Dec 1920 - 25 Nov 1921


Includes: a paper by [Major] Desmond Morton on the need for stabilisation of exchange rates and trade throughout the Empire by a single Imperial currency; extract from a speech of General [Jan] Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa on an Imperial Bank; notes of a meeting between WSC, Lord Riddell and Lord Burnham [earlier Harry Webster] on the Communications Committee and the importance of communication throughout the Empire; a paper by Colonel John Fuller on the importance of roadless traction and the use of chain track cars for military strategy and imperial development; notes of a meeting between [David] Lloyd George [Prime Minister] and the premiers of the British Empire on the lifting of an embargo on the transportation of cattle; and an extract from Hansard (1907) on an exchange between WSC and [Andrew] Bonar Law concerning the presentation of a Crown jewel from the Transvaal [South Africa].

Also includes copies of minutes from WSC to Colonial Office officials: Sir George Fiddes [Permanent Under Secretary of State for the Colonies] on the keeping of official files and WSC's expectations of advice from civil servants (4); Sir James Stevenson, commercial advisor to WSC, on loans for Crown colony development and obligations to Malaysia (6); Sir Henry Lambert [Assistant Under-Secretary of State, Colonial Office] on preparations for the meeting of the Premiers of the British Empire and the establishment of "responsible government" in South Rhodesia [later Zimbabwe] and Sir James Masterton Smith [Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies] on the Imperial Institute and the incorporation of the Imperial War Museum on its site (3).

Other subjects include: loans to Tanganyika [later Tanzania]; investment in the British South Africa company; the appointment of 1st Lord Byng [as Governor General in Canada]; Sir Geoffrey Archer's position in Somaliland [later Somalia]; the success of the [1921 Imperial] Conference; and the government of British East Africa [later Kenya].




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