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Date: 01 Oct 1921 - 27 Oct 1921


Correspondents include: Edwin Montagu [Secretary of State for India] on the status of Indians in South Africa and the transfer of the control of Aden [South Yemen]; Herbert Samuel, High Commissioner of Palestine on troops (2); Prince Arthur of Connaught [Governor General and Commander in Chief South Africa] on his tour; 1st Lord Beatty on the defence of the Suez Canal; Sir Francis Newdegate [Governor of Western Australia] on his financial difficulties; Leo Amery [Parliamentary Under Secretary for the Colonies]; William Hughes [Prime Minister of Australia] and Sir William Allardyce on his departure from his position as Governor of Tansania.

Includes copies of letters from WSC to the individuals mentioned above and to David Lloyd George, Prime Minister, on colonial loans and the stimulation of British industry and the decision to grant India Imperial credit (3); Sir Laming Worthington-Evans [Secretary of State for War]; 1st Lord Islington [earlier John Dickson-Poynder] on his resignation as Chairman of the Imperial Institute; 1st Lord Jellicoe [Governor General and Commander in Chief, New Zealand] and [1st Lord] Curzon of Kedleston [Lord President of the Council] on unrest in Egypt caused by Zaghloul and by a visit of Labour leaders.

Other subjects include the incorporation of Rhodesia [later Zimbabwe and Zambia] into the Union [of South Africa].

Also includes internal departmental correspondence.





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CHAR 17/10/20-22 Copy of a letter from WSC to Edwin Montagu [Secretary of State for India] about the need for the Cabinet to consider the transfer of Aden [later Yemen]; India's position and responsibilities for Aden; the possibility that the administration and expenses of Somaliland [later Somalia] should also be transferred to India; observations about the positions of East Africa and opposition to equality with Europeans; warnings against the idea of India being a Dominion; and the suggestion that Ghandhi should be arrested and deported from India. Unsigned carbon typescript. 08 Oct 1921