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Date: 1920 - 1921


Papers on various subjects including: the dispute between King Hussein [of the Hijaz, Arabia] and Ibn Saud [Sultan of Najd, Arabia]; British government subsidies to the chiefs of the Arabian peninsula; the 'Akhwan' Islamic religious movement; Britain's military forces in Persia and Mesopotamia; the position of Emir Feisal and his dealings with the Foreign Office and [1st Lord] Curzon [of Kedleston, Lord President of the Council]; the position of Sir Percy Cox, High Commissioner in Mesopotamia; the emirate of Mecca [Arabia]; the establishment of a council of state for Iraq; dealings with the French regarding Turkey and Syria and on the Arab and Kurd levies.

Includes internal correspondence and 8 notes from Sir Arthur Hirtzel [Deputy Under Secretary, India Office] and 4 notes from Sir James Masterton Smith [Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies].




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CHAR 17/14/2 Letter from A H [Sir Arthur Hirtzel, Deputy Under Secretary, India Office] (India Office, Whitehall) to WSC enclosing two typewritten papers [CHAR 17/14/3-9 and CHAR 17/14/10-12] on the key political problems in Central Asia and printed material, including a "F O [Foreign Office] blue print" [CHAR 17/14/13]. 14 Jan 1921
CHAR 17/14/3-9 "King Hussain and Ibn Saud: the Khurm-Turaba dispute" 13 Jan 1921
CHAR 17/14/10-12 "Ibn Rashid and Ibn Saud" [Jan 1921]
CHAR 17/14/89-91 Private memorandum from WSC, Secretary of State for War (War Office, Whitehall) to Sir Arthur Hirtzel [Deputy Under Secretary, India Office] asking whether it would be "right or possible to form a Mohammedan [Muslim] Guard of Indian volunteers" to protect the holy places; making observations on the weaknesses of King Hussain's position and seeking further information; Ibn Saud's likely reaction if a son of King Hussain became ruler over Mesopotamia; consistent nomenclature for Saud Bin Rashid [Ibn Rashid] and Bin Saud [Ibn Saud]; asking about a feud between the Wahabi sect and Sunni and Shia [Muslims] and about "doctrinal and ritualistic" differences between them. 23-25 Jan 1921
CHAR 17/14/92-96 Memorandum from [Sir Arthur Hirtzel, Deputy Under Secretary, India Office](India Office) to WSC in answer to his memorandum [CHAR 17/14/89-91] providing information about an Indian Mohammedan [Muslim] guard for holy places, explaining that shrines in Mesopotamia and Palestine haven't needed protection (annotated by WSC "No I meant Mecca and Medina"); King Hussain's position and possible threats; Ibn Saud's and a Shereefian ruler of Mesopotamia and his credibility; orthography of Ibn Saud and Ibn Rashid; Sunni, Shia and Wahabi [Muslims] and information about their opinions and beliefs. [25 Jan 1921]