Official: Colonial Office: Telegrams about Mesopotamia [Iraq].

Reference code: CHAR 17/16

Part of: CHAR 17
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Date: 08 Jan 1921 - 11 Nov 1921


Telegrams mainly from Sir Percy Cox, High Commissioner in Mesopotamia (20) and Sir Aylmer Haldane, Commander in Chief, Mesopotamia (6) on the control of Mesopotamia through garrisons and the RAF; reduction in military expenditure; dealings with and the position of Emir Feisal; the evacuation of troops; operations against insurrections; and a possible Turkish invasion of Mosul [Iraq]. Also includes telegrams from Archibald Sinclair [later 1st Lord Thurso, Private Secretary to Secretary of State for the Colonies, WSC] and Sir Arthur Hirtzel [Deputy Under Secretary, India Office].

Includes copies of telegrams from WSC to the individuals mentioned above and to Lord Allenby and T E Lawrence [later T E Shaw "Lawrence of Arabia"].




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