Official: Colonial Office: Foreign office telegrams.

Reference code: CHAR 17/21

Part of: CHAR 17
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Date: 28 Feb 1921 - 02 Mar 1921


Volume of telegrams from British ambassadors in various countries and replies from the Foreign Office including: telegrams on affairs in Arabia and the possible resignation of Hussein; Lord Hardinge [British ambassador to France] on the conference of ambassadors and the passage of German ships via the Dardanelles; Sir Auckland Geddes [British Ambassador to the United States] on French overtures to the United States to secure freedom from dependence on Great Britain (2); WSC on the agenda for the Cairo [Egypt] conference; Colonel Claude Stokes [Chief British Commissioner in Trans-Caucasia] on the movements of Turkish troops and Bolsheviks (2); Mr Leslie on food supplies to the Soviet Union; George Kidston [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Finland] on affairs in Finland; [Sir William] Max-Muller [Minister to Poland] on a plebiscite in Poland (3); Sir George Buchanan, British Ambassador to Italy, on a railway strike (3); 3rd Lord Granville, Minister in Greece, on the treaty of Sevres and Greek interests (2) and Lord Kilmarnock on reparations from Germany.




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