Official: Colonial Office: Minutes and telegrams.

Reference code: CHAR 17/26

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Date: 09 Jan 1922 - 22 Sep 1922


WSC's copies of minutes and telegrams to various individuals including: Sir John Chancellor; Sir Percy Cox, High Commissioner, Mesopotamia on negotiations with Turkey and reduction of forces in Iraq; [General Jan Smuts] Prime Minister of South Africa; Sir James Masterton Smith [Permanent Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies] on the Imperial War Museum and the Imperial Institute; 1st Lord Byng [Governor General in Canada] on the embargo on Canadian cattle; Sir John Shuckburgh; Sir Gilbert Grindle [Assistant Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies]; T E Lawrence [later T E Shaw, "Lawrence of Arabia"] on his resignation; and General Sir Charles Harington [Commander in Chief of the army of the Black Sea] on the RAF forces in Iraq.

Also includes minutes and telegrams to unidentified individuals on various subjects including: WSC's objection to building a hospital in Baghdad [Iraq]; his support for the Indian Field Army; the possible invasion of Afghanistan; discussion of the forces in Palestine; the Middle Eastern services vote; visits by [?Ramsay] MacDonald and 1st Lord Northcliffe [earlier Alfred Harmsworth] to Palestine; success of RAF operations at Berbera [Somalia]; WSC's speech about the status of Indians in Kenya; the spread of disease in Uganda; colonial development; the presence of women and children in Iraq; the necessity of dismissing [Sir Hugh Clifford] as Governor of Nigeria; "intrigue" by the Suez canal company; Great Britain's mandate from the League of Nations and its effect on negotiations with Iraq; the suicide of Mr Lucas; objection to the sale of liquor to natives in East and West Africa; the appointment of Sir Robert Coryndon as Governor of East Africa; the position of Emir Feisal; repayment of money from Iraq; British Zionist policy; financial arrangements in Transjordan [later Jordan] and a visit by Emir Abdullah to London.





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