Official: Colonial Office: Cabinet Papers.

Reference code: CHAR 17/27

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Date: 28 Jan 1922 - 30 Sep 1922


Cabinet papers on various subjects: the Iraq treaty and dealings with Emir Feisal; the Canadian cattle embargo; the housing of the Imperial War Museum; sugar policy and the depression in the West Indian sugar industry; Lord Plumer [Governor of Malta] and local military forces; the situation in Phoenicia and the discontent of the non Jewish population in Palestine; disturbances in Somaliland [later Somalia] and the actions of the RAF; the Imperial Wireless Chain and the improvement of communications between Great Britain and Australia, India and South Africa; the disbanding of regiments in Ireland; the oversea settlement and the possibility of emigration alleviating the unemployment crisis; and the requisition of ships.

Also includes correspondence between WSC and David Lloyd George, Prime Minister, (see (see CHAR 17/27/29-36) regarding negotiations in Iraq and the impact of British policy towards Turkey and copies of letters from WSC to Sir Maurice Hankey, Austen Chamberlain [Chancellor of the Exchequer], Sir Robert Horne and 1st Lord Curzon of Kedleston.





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CHAR 17/27/29-36 Two copies of a letter from WSC to David Lloyd George [Prime Minister] about Iraq and the impossibility of WSC's task. WSC explains his difficulties: low numbers of forces; King Feisal who is "playing the fool, if not the knave"; overstretched finances combined with the need to retain troops; the hostility of the press; and lack of progress in developing oil. He recommends that Feisal is given an ultimatum that Britian will evacuate Iraq but explains that, if they are asked to stay, it will be difficult to defend the frontier against the Turks. He concludes by seeking guidance "At present we are paying eight millions a year for the privilege of living on an ungrateful volcano out of which we are in no circumstances to get anything worth having." Unsigned carbon typescript. 01 Sep 1922