Official: Colonial Office: Telegrams regarding Chanak [later Cannakkale, Turkey].

Reference code: CHAR 17/28

Part of: CHAR 17
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Date: 16 Sep 1922 - 14 Oct 1922


Copies of telegrams mainly between WSC and the Governor Generals of the Dominions, Lord Byng, Governor General of Canada, 1st Lord Jellicoe, Governor General and Commander in Chief, New Zealand, Prince Arthur of Connaught, Governor General and Commander in Chief South Africa, 1st Lord Forster, Governor General and Commander in Chief, Australia about the Chanak crisis.

Subjects covered include: bulletins describing negotiations with Turkey and with Mustafa Kemal Pasha [later Ataturk]; movements of troops towards Constantinople [later Istanbul] and the Dardanelles; appeals to the Dominions to provide Great Britain with military assistance; British policy regarding Greece; the failure of France to support Britain; the evacuation and subsequent destruction of Smyrna [Greece] and the need for the Dominions to be kept fully informed of the situation.




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