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Date: 23 Jan 1929 - 03 Jun 1929


Correspondents include: Leo Amery [Secretary of State for the Dominions] (2); Sir Thomas Davies MP on road relief; Sir Ernest Gowers [Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue] on his health; Neville Chamberlain [Minister of Health] (3) on subjects including him giving an interview to John Bull magazine; Donald Fergusson [Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] (2); Herbert Spender-Clay MP; 1st Lord Hailsham [earlier Sir Douglas Hogg, Lord Chancellor]; Sir Austen Chamberlain [Foreign Secretary]; [1st Lord Craigavon, earlier Sir James Craig, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland]; John Gretton MP; [1st Lord Stamfordham, earlier Sir Arthur Bigge, Private Secretary to King George V] on Prince George [the Duke of York, later King George VI] leaving the navy because of health problems, the need to justify his salary of £10,000 per annum, and the unprecedented decision to find him a position within the Foreign Office (3); Harold MacMillan MP [later 1st Lord Stockton] (2); Thomas Jones [Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet]; Stanley Baldwin [Prime Minister]; John Seely [later 1st Lord Mottistone, Chairman of National Savings Committee]; Wilfrid Ashley [later 1st Lord Mount Temple, Minister of Transport]; Lord Knebworth [Edward Lytton].

Also includes copy letters from WSC to some of those mentioned above and to James Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] and Lord Stanley [Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party]; note of an interview with Calvin Coolidge [President of the United States] by Samuel Ratcliffe.

Other subjects include: the Empire Marketing Board; a parliamentary answer on the Irish Privy Council; payments to Irish loyalists; the betting tax; unemployment; the 1929 budget; honours for individuals who assisted during the General Strike.





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CHAR 18/101/34-41 Covering letter from Harold Macmillan [[later 1st Lord Stockton](Macmillan and Co Ltd, St Martin's Street, London) to WSC enclosing his handwritten notes about the election including arguments to counter [David] Lloyd George's plans for government efforts to deal with unemployment by encouraging industry to employ more men. He suggests a slogan "Modernization at Home. Markets Abroad"; and suggests that the railways and telephones should be modernised, that an Economic General Staff under [Lord] Weir should be established, and the development of markets in the empire for British goods. 27 Mar 1929
CHAR 18/101/42-43 Letter from Harold Macmillan [later 1st Lord Stockton] (Chester Square [London]) to [WSC] on WSC's budget which he describes as "an absolutely first-class fighting Budget" and making observations on policies which will support the Conservative election campaign, specifically relief for "publicans and the Bookies", and the removal of tea duty, modernisation and support for industry and the development of markets in the Empire. 8 Apr 1929
CHAR 18/101/55 Letter from Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister dated "the Morning After" to WSC congratulating him on the brilliance of his speech. [14 Apr 1929]