Official: Treasury: correspondence from WSC (carbon copies).

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Date: 09 Nov 1924 - 30 Dec 1924


Recipients include: Stanley Baldwin [Prime Minister] (5); Leo Amery, Secretary of State for the Colonies, (6) on subjects including expenditure on Iraq and Palestine; 1st Lord Birkenhead [earlier F E Smith, Secretary of State for India]; Sir Laming Worthington-Evans [Secretary of State for War]; Ronald McNeill [later 1st Lord Cushendun, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs]; William Bridgeman, First Lord of the Admiralty, (4) on subjects including marriage licenses for navy officers; Sir Martin Conway MP; Austen Chamberlain [Foreign Secretary] (6) on subjects including inter-allied debts; Lieutenant-Colonel Bertram Romilly on his employment prospects; Lord Eustace Percy [President of the Board of Education] on education estimates (2); Ethel, Lady Desborough, on her charity; 4th Lord Salisbury [earlier Lord Cranborne, Lord Privy Seal] on general taxation matters; Sir Ernest Moon; Sir Samuel Hoare [later 1st Lord Templewood, Secretary of State for Air] on Singapore's defences; Lieutenant-General Sir Aylmer Haldane; James Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] on light shades for WSC's room and the treasury; Sir Herbert Creedy [Permanent Under-Secretary of State for War]; 17th Lord Derby; Neville Chamberlain [Minister of Health] on tax and insurance contributions; Sir Philip Cunliffe-Lister [earlier Sir Philip Lloyd-Greame, later 1st Lord Swinton, President of the Board of Trade].

Other subjects include: [the Pageant of Empire] at Wembley [London]; matters concerning Egypt and Sudan, including Field Marshal 1st Lord Allenby's [the High Commissioner] role; Colonial Office reorganisation; imperial preference; food taxation; navy estimates; Japanese naval strength and its threat to British interests in the Pacific; safeguarding of industries.





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Contained records

Reference Record Date
CHAR 18/2/43-45 Copy of a letter from WSC (Treasury Chambers) to [4th Lord Salisbury, earlier Lord Cranborne, Lord Privy Seal] in response to [Salisbury's] paper including: discussion of capitalism, the effect of death duties to mitigate against the creation of the "idle rich", and his belief that the rich are already taxed as much as possible. 9 Dec 1924
CHAR 18/2/60-61 Copy of a letter from WSC to Sir Samuel Hoare [later Lord Templewood], Secretary of State for Air marked "private and personal" on the defence of Singapore, suggesting the use of air power instead of submarines. 12 Dec 1924
CHAR 18/2/62-71 Copy of a letter from WSC to Stanley Baldwin, Prime Minister, explaining his efforts to have a settled financial policy and discussing increased navy estimates and his calculations that they are higher than suggested. He argues that armaments expenditure paralyses government policy in social and industrial reform, tax reduction and borrowing and warns that accepting the navy estimates will lead to electoral defeat; that the Admiralty is preoccupied with unfounded and unlikely threats from Japan; and suggests that the Admiralty should revise its estimates on the basis of no naval war in the next 20 years. 13 Dec 1924