Official: Treasury: WSC's minutes.

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Date: 16 Nov 1924 - 24 Dec 1924


Includes carbon copies of minutes and letters from WSC to various individuals, mainly Treasury officials, including: Sir Warren Fisher [Permanent Secretary]; Sir George Barstow [Controller of Supply Services]; Prime Minister [Stanley Baldwin]; Walter Guinness [later 1st Lord Moyne, Financial Secretary]; Sir Russell Scott [Controller]; Sir Otto Niemeyer [Controller of Finance]; Sir Horace Hamilton [Chairman, Board of Customs and Excise]; James Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer]; 1st Lord Birkenhead [earlier F E Smith, Secretary of State for India]; Sir Richard Hopkins [Chairman of the Board of Inland Revenue]; Sir Maurice Hankey [Secretary to the Cabinet]; Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster [1st Lord Cecil of Chelwood, earlier Lord Robert Cecil]; Edward Marsh [Private Secretary to WSC]; First Lord of the Admiralty [William Bridgeman].

Subjects include: differences in the calendar, financial and tax years; war pensions; defence spending, including on Singapore; estimates for various government branches, such as the Ministry of Health, the navy, the Board of Education, the Air Ministry, and the Labour Department; Anglo-Persian Oil Company shares; inter-allied debt; imperial preference; interest rates; state insurance schemes; safeguarding of industries; super tax and estate duty; marriage allowances in the navy; telegrams from Persia [later Iran]; conversion operations; Colonial Office reorganisation.




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CHAR 18/3/19-20 Copy of a minute from WSC to Sir Otto Niemeyer [Controller of Finance] on war reparations and the payment of war debts to the United States. WSC feels that there is a good prospect of obtaining reparations from Europe, including 25 million pounds a year from Germany, and that they should wait for proposals from France and Italy. He advocates an open statement that all previous offers have lapsed. 25 Nov 1924
CHAR 18/3/25 Unsigned memorandum [from WSC] to [James] Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] and Sir Otto Niemeyer [Controller of Finance, Treasury] asking for their opinions about spreading debt "more broadly over the shoulders of posterity" by converting to lower interest rates and long securities instead of reducing the sinking fund. 26 Nov 1924