Official: Treasury: correspondence on reducing national expenditure, including with members of the House of Commons Economy Group.

Reference code: CHAR 18/67

Part of: CHAR 18
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Date: 22 May 1927 - 31 Dec 1927


Correspondents include: John Gretton MP (8); Geoffrey Fry [Private Secretary to Stanley Baldwin]; Sir Philip Pilditch MP (2); James Grigg [Principal Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] (11); Sir Warren Fisher [Permanent Secretary, Treasury] (2); Stanley Baldwin [Prime Minister] (2); Alfred Hurst [Treasury] (3); Sir George Barstow [Controller of Supply Services, Treasury]; Patrick Duff [Private Secretary to the Prime Minister] (2).

Also includes copy of Cabinet paper and a memorandum on "Present and Pre-War Expenditure" (dated 1926).

Subjects covered by the file include: Gretton's campaign to set up an enquiry into reducing national expenditure; economising spending on the fighting services; the work of the Economy Committee; details of committees on various aspects of public expenditure since the Armistice; the Chancellor's relationship with business interests; reducing taxation; Conservative feeling on expenditure; changes in the presentation of the estimates; details of levels of expenditure over time.




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