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Date: Jan 1913 - Apr 1940




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CHAR 19/5/1 Letter from WSC's Private Secretary to W F Owen thanking him for calling with a copy of Mayfair magazine. [carbon]. 19 Jan 1940
CHAR 19/5/2 Letter from WSC's Private Secretary to W F Owen accepting the offer of a copy of the January 1913 number of Mayfair. [carbon]. 21 Dec 1939
CHAR 19/5/3 Letter from W F Owen to WSC offering a back issue of Mayfair, January 1913, containing an article about WSC. 10 Dec 1939
CHAR 19/5/4 Cutting from Mayfair magazine featuring an article entitled "Churchill and the Admiralty", praising WSC's changes in staffing and tactics. 08 Jan 1913
CHAR 19/5/5 Note to preserve the attached as facsimiles may be required. 1939
CHAR 19/5/6-8 Telegram from WSC to Captain [Philip] Vian, HMS Cossack, giving orders to board the Altmark, liberate prisoners and if fired upon by Norwegian torpedoes follow enclosed orders. [typescript, with manuscript annotations, and copies]. 16 Feb [1940]
CHAR 19/5/9 Letter from WSC to King George VI thanking him for his support and interest. [carbon]. 18 Feb 1940
CHAR 19/5/10 Note from WSC to Private Office, instructing them to send a letter to King [George VI]. [initialled by WSC]. [Feb 1940]
CHAR 19/5/11 Letter from WSC to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain discussing the burden of absolute responsibility for the management of the Military Co-ordination Committee, annotated: "Not sent". [see also CHAR 19/2C/301 for final manuscript version and CHAR 19/2C/308 for an initial draft]. 24 Apr 1940