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Date: 1919


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CHAR 2/107/1 Interview given by WSC to the Daily Chronicle on the Government's Russian policy. [Mar] [1919]
CHAR 2/107/2 United States War Department orders for the award of decorations, including the Distinguished Service Medal to WSC. Another copy at CHAR 2/107/3. 10 May 1919
CHAR 2/107/3 Another copy of CHAR 2/107/2. 10 May 1919
CHAR 2/107/4-6 Account by WSC of his role in the deployment of the Naval Brigades during the Antwerp expedition. [1919]
CHAR 2/107/7 Note referring to CHAR 2/107/8-9, CHAR 2/107/10 and CHAR 2/107/11. [1919]
CHAR 2/107/8-9 Notes on the profitability of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company and the vital importance of its output to the war effort. [Left with WSC by Sir Frederick Black]. [1919]
CHAR 2/107/10 Cutting from the Financial Times on the share issue of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. [Left with WSC by Sir Frederick Black]. 02 Dec [1919]
CHAR 2/107/11 "Final report of the Committee on Currency and Foreign Exchanges after the War.". 03 Dec 1919
CHAR 2/107/12 "The need for saving in peace time" by Hartley Withers. Published by the National War Savings Committee. 1919
CHAR 2/107/13 Circular letter from Sir Edward Busk, vice-president of the National Sea Fisheries Protection Association (Fisheries Department, Fishmongers' Hall, London) arguing for the establishment of a separate ministry for fisheries and enclosing a memorandum on the subject [see CHAR 2/107/14]. 08 Jan 1919
CHAR 2/107/14 Memorandum prepared by the National Sea Fisheries Protection Association arguing for the establishment of a ministry for the fisheries. Sent with CHAR 2/107/13. Jan 1919
CHAR 2/107/15 Statistics showing the Greek and Turkish populations in certain provinces of the Ottoman Empire. In French. [1919]
CHAR 2/107/16 Map of Asia Minor showing the provinces of the Ottoman Empire. [1919]
CHAR 2/107/17 Pamphlet on Russia in the war issued by the Committee of Military History and Statistics. 1919
CHAR 2/107/18-19 Statement by the Paris delegate of the Congress of Turkish Liberals at Geneva [Cherif Pacha] of the Ottoman Liberal Party's contention that in many parts of Asia Minor the non-Turkish population is not large enough to justify the establishment of new national entities, that such questions should be put to a popular vote, that the internationalisation of Constantinople would be fatal to Turkey, that the debts contracted in Germany by Turkey during the war should be exonerated. English translation of CHAR 2/107/20-27, which also includes population tables. [1919]
CHAR 2/107/20-27 Signed French version of CHAR 2/107/18-19, also including tables showing the ethnic composition of provinces in the Ottoman Empire. [1919]
CHAR 2/107/28-32 Notes [by Cherif Pacha] putting forward the claims of the Kurds to national autonomy and suggesting what should be the boundaries of a new Kurdistan. Signed French version at CHAR 2/107/33-38. 06 Feb 1919
CHAR 2/107/33-38 Signed French version of CHAR 2/107/28-32. 06 Feb 1919
CHAR 2/107/39-41 Statement by the delegate in Paris of the Turkish Liberal Congress [Cherif Pacha] arguing that the government of the Young Turks, not the Turkish people, was responsible for bringing Turkey into the war. French version at CHAR 2/107/42-44. [Feb] [1919]
CHAR 2/107/42-44 French version of CHAR 2/107/39-41. [Feb] [1919]
CHAR 2/107/45 Cartoon from Life showing two figures representing [? the United States] and [? parts of Europe susceptible to Bolshevism], the latter ungraciously partaking of a meal of "citizenship", "liberty", "opportunity", "education" and "justice" supplied by the former. [1919]