Public and political: general correspondence, December 1921.

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Date: Oct 1921 - Dec 1921


Also includes copy letter from October and memorandum from November.

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CHAR 2/118/1 Letter from General Sir Reginald Wingate (31 Great Cumberland Place, [London]) to WSC enclosing a detailed summary of his career in support of his claim to a maximum pension [see CHAR 2/118/2-14]. 01 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/2-14 Detailed summary of his career by General Sir Reginald Wingate, with special emphasis on his service as Sirdar (Commander-in-Chief) of the Egyptian Army and Governor-General of the Sudan [Africa], compiled in support of his claim to a maximum pension. Sent with CHAR 2/118/1. 30 Nov 1921
CHAR 2/118/15 Postscript to CHAR 2/118/1 referring to CHAR 2/118/16-17. [01] [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/16-17 Extract from a letter from Mabrouk Fehmi [officer in the Egyptian Army] to General Sir Reginald Wingate arguing that Egypt is not yet ready for full independence, criticising the Swan Commission and attributing Egypt's troubles to Rushdi Adly and Saad Zaghlul. Typescript copy sent with CHAR 2/118/1. 25 Oct 1921
CHAR 2/118/18 Letter from H W Collins, fellow of the Institute of Bankers (New City Club, Walbrook, [London]) to WSC enclosing a memorandum by him on the German exchange [see CHAR 2/118/19-20]. 01 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/19-20 Memorandum by H W Collins [fellow of the Institute of Bankers] suggesting how the problem of the German exchange could be overcome by the supply by other countries of raw materials for German industry, the payments received by the supplying countries due to their ownership of the resulting manufactured goods being taxed by the German government and the taxes being paid in foreign currency direct to the Allies in part satisfaction of reparation payments. Sent with CHAR 2/118/18. Nov 1921
CHAR 2/118/21 Note from Edward Marsh to John Shuckburgh asking advice about CHAR 2/118/22 (3 Dec) and reply by John Stephenson that he sees no objection to WSC lending his patronage on this occasion (5 Dec). 03 Dec 1921 - 05 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/22 Letter from Vera Weizman (Women's International Zionist Organization, 75 Great Russell Street, London) to WSC (Colonial Office) asking him to give his patronage to a concert in aid of Jewish women and children in Palestine. 02 Dec 1921 - 05 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/23 Letter from Professor Robert Wallace (the University, Edinburgh, [Scotland]) to WSC enclosing an article on the importation of Canadian cattle [see CHAR 2/118/24]. 02 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/24 Article on Professor Robert Wallace's criticism of the conclusions of the Royal Commission on the importation of store cattle with regard to the importation of Canadian cattle. Sent with CHAR 2/118/23. 07 Nov 1921
CHAR 2/118/25 Pages from the Engineer including illustrated article on tanks and chain-track artillery. 02 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/26 Note [by WSC referring to CHAR 2/118/28-29]: "It will be sufficient to say that I am referring it to the departments concerned." Typescript. 22 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/27 Note from Edward Marsh to WSC referring to the desire of the Navy League of the United States to compile a list of Americans who served in the Royal Navy or Royal Naval Division during the way [see CHAR 2/118/28-29 and CHAR 2/118/30] and suggesting that WSC reply that the Admiralty and the War Office do not have enough staff time to undertake the necessary research. [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/28-29 Letter from L S M Robinson, secretary of the Navy League of the United States (Box 2133, Middle City Station, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States) to WSC (2 Sussex Square) asking for his help in finding the names of those Americans who served in the Royal Navy during the war so that they can be properly honoured. Encloses related leaflet [see CHAR 2/118/30]. 02 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/30 Leaflet on the effort of the Navy League of the United States to find the names and service records of all those Americans who served in the Allied forces before the United States entered the war. Sent with CHAR 2/118/28-29. [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/31-32 Letter from [WSC] to Maurice Levy recommending General Sir Edward Spears as a candidate for the Liberal Coalitionists at Loughborough [Leicestershire]. Typescript copy. 03 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/33 Statement of support by WSC (Colonial Office) for the Home Secretary's proposals to introduce a bill placing Summer Time on a permanent basis. Typescript copy. 03 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/34 Letter from [Edward Marsh] (Downing Street) to Walter Marshall, secretary of the Edinburgh Conservative Working Men's Association [Scotland], stating that WSC has no time to visit Edinburgh in 1921. Typescript copy. 05 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/35 Letter from Edward Marsh (Downing Street) to Vera Weizman (Women's International Zionist Organization, 75 Great Russell Street, [London]) stating that WSC will lend his patronage to the concert [in aid of Jewish women and children in Palestine]. Typescript copy. 05 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/36 Letter from Maurice Levy (9 Grosvenor Crescent, [London]) to WSC stating that he was impressed with General Sir Edward Spears and that his political inexperience could be offset by his enthusiasm and good service record when he puts himself forward as a [Liberal Coalitionist candidate for Loughborough, Leicestershire]. Annotated that WSC has promised to speak to the local association if Spears is adopted. 05 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/37 Note from [Edward Marsh] to [WSC] referring to CHAR 2/118/38. [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/38 Letter from Isaac Marcosson (18 West 25th Street, New York, [United States]) to Edward Marsh asking whether WSC can give him a letter of introduction to the British authorities in China and Japan, where he is going to study the economic consequences of the Arms Conference, and congratulating WSC on the signing of the Irish Treaty. 07 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/39 Letter from Captain Albert Larking, secretary of the Early Closing Association (34-40 Ludgate Hill, London) to Edward Marsh (Colonial Office) sending a draft of a letter to be published in the press over WSC's name as president of the Association [see CHAR 2/118/40]. 09 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/40 Letter from [WSC] as president of the Early Closing Association (34-40 Ludgate Hill, London) to the press approving the extension of Christmas holidays for shop workers and appealing to the public to do their Christmas shopping as early as possible and to the railways to provide cheap and extensive services for the holiday period. Draft by Captain Albert Larking [secretary of the Association] amended by WSC. Sent with CHAR 2/118/39]. 09 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/41-46 Memorandum by WSC of a conversation with Louis Loucheur on: French policy towards Turkey; WSC's view that the French army is excessively large; the French air superiority over Britain; WSC's view that the development of a French submarine fleet would be interpreted as a threat by Britain; Loucheur's approval of [David Lloyd George's] position on reparations; the agreement between WSC and Loucheur that an effort should be made to bring the United States into a general waiving of war debts and indemnities, that such an arrangement should in any case be entered into by Britain and France, and that Britain, France and Germany should co-operate in the reorganisation of Russia when the time was ripe. 09 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/47 Letter from Lord Ashfield [earlier Albert Stanley] (Electric Railway House, Broadway, Westminster, London) to WSC enclosing a copy of proposals of the City and South London Railway Company, the London Electric Railway Company and the Cental London Railway Company for various improvements to their lines [see CHAR 2/118/49-53]. 12 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/48 Note from [John Stephenson] to Edward Marsh that Sir James Stevenson thinks it is at present sufficient to acknowledge receipt [? of CHAR 2/118/49-53]. 19 Dec [1921]
CHAR 2/118/49-53 Letter from Lord Ashfield [earlier Albert Stanley] (Electric Railway House, Broadway, Westminster, [London]) to the Trade Facilities Act Advisory Committee setting forth proposals by the City and South London Railway Company, the London Electric Railway Company and the Central London Railway Company for improvements to their lines, which will alleviate unemployment. Typescript copy sent with CHAR 2/118/47. 12 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/54 Telegram from [David Lloyd George] to Arthur Balfour [later Lord Balfour] stating that Lord Beatty [earlier Sir David Beatty] has stated that there is no truth in the newspaper rumours that British naval experts were "helping the Americans out." Typescript copy. 12 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/55 Letter from [Edward Marsh] to Horace Hutchinson stating that WSC has no objection to the publication of letters [to Sir Algernon West from WSC, Consuelo, Duchess of Marlborough and Lord Randolph Churchill] with the omissions which he has marked. Typescript copy. 13 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/56 Note from Edward Marsh to Sir James Masterman-Smith asking whether he can accept on Masterman-Smith's behalf [the offer to be patron of the Crown Agents Rifle Club; see CHAR 2/118/57], with note that Masterman-Smith accepted. 21 Dec [1921] - 22 Dec [1921]
CHAR 2/118/57 Letter from ? (Crown Agents for the Colonies) to Edward Marsh (Colonial Office) asking him to invite WSC and Sir James Masterton-Smith to become patrons to the Crown Agents Rifle Club. 13 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/58 Telegram from [WSC] to Bernard Baruch (598 Madison Avenue, New York, [United States] wishing that he could be with him "to celebrate [the] stirring memory of American and British co-operation in the Great War especially when [the] two countries are harmoniously working together to secure for the world a lasting peace." Draft in the hand of Edward Marsh. 13 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/59 Letter from Sir George Hewart [later Lord Hewart], Attorney General, to [WSC] stating that an article [in Plain English on disclosures about the Battle of Jutland; see CHAR 2/118/65] is libellous but urging WSC to consider before taking his hammer "to crack, and to advertise, this contemptible little nut.". 13 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/60 Note from Edward Marsh to [WSC] that the company which owns Plain English is in receivership and the editorship is in commission. [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/61-64 Notes on the directors, share capital and placing into receivership of the North British Publishing Company Ltd, [which owns Plain English]. [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/65 Page from Plain English including an article alleging that the de-coding of German messages during the Battle of Jutland showed that [WSC] was in communication with Germany and discussing plans for the escape of the German fleet, that WSC warned the Germans that their code had been broken, and that he issued the initial gloomy report of the battle in order that a financial group including Sir Ernest Cassel could profit from the fall and subsequent rise of British stock in the United States. 10 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/66 Letter from Frederick Guest (House of Commons) to WSC reporting on reaction in the House of Commons to the signing of the Irish treaty. 14 [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/67 Note from Frederick Guest (House of Commons) to WSC praising his speech [on the Irish treaty]. 15 [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/68 Note from Grosvenor Clarkson (Claridge's Hotel, Brook Street, [London] to WSC thanking him for sending his letter and that of Bernard Baruch to [David Lloyd George] and stressing the benefits to be gained from "a balanced appreciation in a high British quarter of the efforts of American industry in the war." [United States]. 14 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/69 Letter from ? to [WSC] congratulating him on his speech [on the Irish treaty] and adding a postscript about peace with the Bolsheviks. 15 [Dec] 1921
CHAR 2/118/70 Letter from Major A Bridgewater, secretary of the Oxfordshire Agricultural Society (19 George Street, Oxford) to WSC inviting him to become a member of the Society. 16 [Dec] 1921
CHAR 2/118/71 Letter from Sir Philip Sassoon (10 Downing Street) enclosing notes by him on how he sees the political situation [see CHAR 2/118/72-80 and CHAR 2/118/81-83]. 19 Dec [1921]
CHAR 2/118/72-80 Notes by [Sir Philip Sassoon] on: the set-backs suffered by the Labour party due to its links with the Co-operative and trade union movements; the continued support for the Labour Party stemming from unemployment and low wages; the failure of the pre-war party system to address itself to the post-war aspirations of ordinary people; the credit gained by the Government from the Irish settlement and the Washington Conference; the unlikelihood of a full economic recovery in the near future; the political impact of the implementation of the Geddes Report; the attempts of non-Coalition Liberals to form local electoral pacts with the Labour Party; the close links between the Irish vote and the Labour Party; the likelihood that the Government will not get immediate credit for its successful measures against unemployment and its efforts to help European economic reconstruction; the advisability from the Government's point of view of calling an early general election. Sent with CHAR 2/118/71. [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/81-83 "Notes on the advisability of an early general election" by [Sir Philip Sassoon]. Argues that an early election is in the Government's interests because it is currently enjoying credit for the Irish agreement and the Washington Conference, the business community and tax-payers generally are looking forward to economising measures proposed by the Geddes Committee, the unemployment crisis has been successfully met, and the divisive issue of reform of the House of Lords will arise later. Sent with CHAR 2/118/71. 19 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/84 Letter from WSC to Sir Charles Eliot introducing Isaac Marcosson, a journalist from the United States who is going to Japan to study the economic consequences of the [Washington] Conference and the British position in the Far East. Typescript copy. 20 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/85 Letter from Captain R Steele (Eastbourne, Devizes, [Wiltshire]) to WSC asking him to push in Cabinet for the re-issuing of dress uniform to all regiments. Typescript copy at CHAR 2/118/86. 21 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/86 Typescript copy of CHAR 2/118/85. 21 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/87 Letter from Timothy Healy (Glenaulin, Chapelizod, County Dublin [Ireland]) to WSC thanking him for his help with regard to the family of the late William Murphy and Captain Freeman's desire to go to West Africa. 21 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/88 Letter from Edward Marsh to Isaac Marcosson enclosing a copy of a letter of introduction WSC has written for him to the British ambassador in Japan [Sir Charles Eliot] [see CHAR 2/118/84] and stating that there is no one in China WSC knows well enough to write a similar letter to. Typescript copy. 21 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/89 Letter from [Edward Marsh] to the private secretaries at the Admiralty and the War Office referring to CHAR 2/118/28-29. 22 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/90 Letter from [Wilfrid Scawen Blunt] (Newbuildings Place, Southwater, Sussex) to WSC inviting him to a shoot over Christmas and referring to his own recovery from serious illness. 22 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/91 Letter from [Edward Marsh] to L S M Robinson [secretary of the Navy League of the United States] stating that WSC has forwarded his letter to the appropriate departments. Typescript copy. 22 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/92 Letter from Edwin Montagu (India Office) to WSC on the failure of the telegram conveying the decision of their recent conference to reach the Viceroy [Lord Reading, earlier Sir Rufus Isaacs]. 22 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/93 Letter in French from Boris Savinkov (The Albany, [London]) to WSC thanking for his help during his stay in Britain and for his commitment to the well-being of Russia. 23 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/94 Letter from Edwin Montagu (India Office) to WSC enclosing the text of the speech by the Viceroy of India [Lord Reading, earlier Sir Rufus Isaacs] in reply to the deputation he received on 21 December [see CHAR 2/118/95]. 23 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/95 Telegram giving the text of the speech of the Viceroy of India [Lord Reading, earlier Sir Rufus Isaacs] in reply to a deputation of representatives of various shades of political opinion. Printed copy sent with CHAR 2/118/94. 22 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/96 Letter from [Wilfrid Scawen Blunt] (Newbuildings Place, Southwater, Sussex) to WSC expressing pleasure that WSC may visit and welcoming the proposal that T E Lawrence [Lawrence of Arabia, later T E Shaw] may do so also. Comments on the Irish settlement. 26 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/97 Envelope with note from T E Lawrence [later T E Shaw] to Edward Marsh that he has written to [Wilfrid Scawen Blunt] proposing that he visit him. [Dec] [1921]
CHAR 2/118/98-101 Letter from Edwin Montagu (India Office) to WSC asking him to get [David Lloyd George] to authorise Montagu to ask the Aga Khan, who is the only leading Muslim available, to remain at the Peace Conference in Paris because people living and working in India do no trust Lord Curzon despite his many diplomatic achievements. 27 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/102-103 Letter from William Hill (Dorland House, 16 Regent Street, London) to WSC enclosing a copy of his reply to an invitation to attend a National Liberal Club meeting to celebrate the Irish settlement [see CHAR 2/118/104-114], describing his scheme for the formation of a chartered company for the economic development of Greece and warning that in the event of a general election high taxes and unemployment may benefit the Labour Party. 30 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/104-114 Letter from William Hill (National Liberal Club, Whitehall Place, London) to Mr Macdonald regarding an invitation to a dinner with the Liberal Coalitionists of the National Liberal Club. He expresses admiration for David Lloyd George, says that he finds it difficult to stand apart from Lloyd George politically, expresses concern about the ultimate autocratic effects of coalition government, praises the Irish settlement and Lloyd George's central role in achieving it. Signed typescript. Covering letter at CHAR 2/118/102-103. 14 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/115 Letter from Charles McCurdy [Joint Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury] (12 Downing Street [London]) to WSC asking him, on behalf of the Prime Minister [David Lloyd George], to propose the first resolution [at a Liberal Party Conference] and enclosing a programme for the conference [see CHAR 2/118/116-118]. Signed typescript. 31 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/118/116-118 Draft programme for a Liberal Party Conference marked "strictly private and confidential" including a proposal that WSC should be elected Vice-President of the National Liberal Party. Typescript. Covering letter at CHAR 2/118/115. [Dec] [1921]