Public and political: general correspondence, January 1922.

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Date: Dec 1921 - Feb 1922


Also includes copy letters from December 1921 and notes from February 1922.

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CHAR 2/120/1 Letter from John Kavanagh (80 Queen Street, Newry, [Ulster], Ireland) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/120/2 and asking him to send some cigarettes for the donor, an ex-soldier. Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/2 Photograph of WSC inspecting Grenadier Guards in the uniform of 1798 at the Royal Tournament. Sent with CHAR 2/120/1. c 1922
CHAR 2/120/3-7 Letter from WSC (Cannes, [France] to [Edward, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VIII and the Duke of Windsor] criticising recent British policy in India, praising the Prince's visit there, expressing optimism about the Irish settlement, praising the Pacific Agreement reached at the Washington Conference, criticising the French attitude on submarines and hoping that the Prince will make progress at polo. Typescript copy. 02 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/8 Letter from "Louis" [Brigadier-General Edward Spears] (13 Rue Monsieur, Paris, [France]) to WSC reporting on the anti-British feeling in France arising from the belief that Britain has colluded with the United States to impose conditions on France but hoping that the strong support for Britain from Paul Painleve and Aristide Briand will have its effect on public opinion. Mentions that he has been informed that a British General Election is imminent. 03 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/9 Note by WSC [probably referring to CHAR 2/120/3-7]: "thank and say I will consider." Typescript. 11 Jan [1922]
CHAR 2/120/10 Letter from Walter Marshall, honorary secretary of the Edinburgh Conservative Working Men's Association (94 Warrender Park Road, Edinburgh, [Scotland]) to WSC regretting WSC's inability to attend the Association's annual dinner, hoping that he will be able to attend next year and praising his efforts to achieve an Irish settlement. 07 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/11-12 Letter from [WSC] to Charles McCurdy suggesting a resolution affirming the Government's commitment to constructive social policy. Carbon typescript copy. 07 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/13 Resolution [by WSC] affirming the Government's commitment to constructive social policy. Carbon typescript copy. [Jan] [1922]
CHAR 2/120/14 Letter from Bernard Baruch (598 Madison Avenue, New York, [United States]) to WSC thanking him for his helpful attitude towards the United States War Industries Board. 07 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/15 Letter from Lieutenant-General Sir Walter Congreve (Cairo, [Egypt]) to WSC asking whether he will recommend him to the vacant post of Commander-in-Chief at Aldershot [Hampshire], since he thinks that only General Sir Hubert Gough is a better candidate than himself, reporting on the quiet political situation in Egypt and commenting on the Irish settlement. 07 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/16-17 Letter from [WSC] (in the train) to Edwin Montagu on: the disagreement between Lord Curzon and the Aga Khan over the latter's communication to the Turkish government of the Cabinet proposals for the revision of the [Treaty of Sevres]; the financial disputes between the India Office and the War Office; WSC's committee on the Geddes Report. 07 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/18 Letter from [WSC] to Lord Riddell [earlier Sir George Riddell] thanking him for a Christmas box of cigars and praising his handling of the American press at the Washington Conference on disarmament. 09 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/19 Letter from Edward Marsh (Downing Street) to John Kavanagh conveying WSC's thanks for CHAR 2/120/2. 10 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/20 Letter from Edwin Montagu (India Office) to WSC on: the disagreement between Lord Curzon and the Aga Khan [over the latter's communication to the Turkish government of the Cabinet proposals for the revision of the Treaty of Sevres]; the financial disputes between the India Office and the War Office. 10 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/21 Letter from 17th Lord Derby (Knowsley, Prescot, Lancashire) to WSC pointing out that if a general election were held now another one would be needed after the passage of the bill setting up the Irish Free State had changed the constitution of the House of Commons, and declaring his own opposition to an immediate general election. 10 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/22 Letter from James Phillpotts (The Ousels, Tunbridge Wells, [Kent]) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/120/23-28. 11 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/23-28 Memorandum by James Phillpotts (The Ousels, Tunbridge Wells, [Kent]) suggesting a propaganda campaign among the Fellaheen in support of the British presence in Egypt and the establishment of a mobile police force there. Sent with CHAR 2/120/22. [Jan] [1922]
CHAR 2/120/29 Letter from [Edward Marsh] to Walter Marshall [honorary secretary of the Edinburgh Conservative Working Men's Association] stating that WSC will bear in mind the invitation to dine with the association. Carbon typescript copy. 11 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/30 Letter from W H Berry, curator of the Oldham Municipal Art Gallery [Lancashire] to Edward Marsh stating that the picture which WSC has promised to the gallery's spring exhibition would be returned between the middle and the end of April. 11 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/31-32 Telegram from WSC to [David Lloyd George] reporting the hostile attitude of the press, Sir George Younger and other Conservatives towards the calling of a general election and advising that no decision be taken until Lloyd George returns. Typescript copy annotated by WSC. 12 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/33 Letter from Russel Steele (Eastbourne House, Devizes, [Wiltshire]) to [WSC] urging the reintroduction of full dress uniform in the army. 12 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/34 Letter from Edwin Montagu (India Office) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/120/35-36 and CHAR 2/120/37-41. 12 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/35-36 Letter from Sir Stanley Reed, editor of the Times of India (Bombay, [India]) to 2nd Lord Lytton reporting the support of Indian Muslim leaders for the views expressed in CHAR 2/120/37-41 and arguing that the apparent British anti-Islam policy in Turkey is a more important issue for Indian Muslims than self-government. Copy sent with CHAR 2/120/34. 09 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/120/37-41 Extract from the Times of India: article by [Sir Stanley Reed] on the importance to Indian Muslims of the readjustment of the Treaty of Sevres to bring about the withdrawal of Allied control of Constantinople [Turkey], the withdrawal of the Greeks from Smyrna and Thrace and the restoration of the suzerainty of the Kalif over the Holy Places of Islam. Copy sent with CHAR 2/120/34. 02 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/120/42 Letter from G P Catchpole, secretary of the Faculty of Arts (Paddington House, 4 Spring Street, London) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/120/43, inviting WSC to become a vice-president of the Faculty and describing its work. 12 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/43 List of officers and statement of objects of the Faculty of Arts. Sent with CHAR 2/120/42. [1922]
CHAR 2/120/44 Compliments slip of Frederick Guest. 12 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/45-52 Press statement by WSC suggesting that it is unfair that David Lloyd George should be subject to "threats and menaces" about a possible general election whilst he is engaged on very important disarmament negotiations at the Washington Conference, asserting that Britain is highly respected among other nations, that the Coalition, having faced the challenges of the war and subsequent reconstruction, is very strong, that the election of a Labour Government would be a disaster and that therefore the anti-Socialist forces must remain united. Carbon typescript copy. [09] [Jan] [1922]
CHAR 2/120/53 Letter from Edward Shortt, Home Secretary, to WSC announcing his intention of withdrawing special police protection for Cabinet ministers against attacks from Sinn Fein and asking for WSC's views, 13 Jan. Annotated by WSC that he answered agreeing in general but stating that protection should still be provided on special occasions such as public meetings, 14 Jan. 13 Jan 1922 - 14 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/54-56 Letter from Edwin Montagu (India Office) to WSC defending his policy in India and lamenting the fact that Britain is not taking the lead in rehabilitating Turkey, which would bring an improvement in the Indian situation. 13 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/57-58 Notes by Edward Marsh and others referring to CHAR 2/120/59-60 and CHAR 2/10/61-62. 13 Jan 1922 - 20 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/59-60 Letter from Professor George Wrong (University of Toronto, [Canada]) to WSC criticising WSC's reported assertion that "the title deeds of the British Empire are deposited at Westminster" as being unhelpful to Wrong's efforts to strengthen the bonds between Canada and Great Britain. Typescript copy at CHAR 2/120/61-62. 06 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/120/61-62 Typescript copy of CHAR 2/120/59-60. 06 Dec 1921
CHAR 2/120/63-67 Extract from the Times: speech by WSC praising the work of the Empire Parliamentary Association and stressing the need for close consultation and co-operation between the different parts of the Empire. Typescript copy produced to accompany CHAR 2/120/69-70. 03 Nov 1921
CHAR 2/120/68 Letter from Lionel Curtis (Committee of Imperial Defence) to Sir James Masterton Smith advising that a conciliatory answer to the letter from Professor George Wrong to WSC [see CHAR 2/120/59-60] would win Wrong over and enclosing a suggested draft [see CHAR 2/120/69-70]. 14 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/69-70 Suggested draft [by Lionel Curtis] of a letter from WSC to Professor George Wrong suggesting that WSC's statement [that the title deeds of the British Empire were deposited at Westminster] was reported out of context in Canada but arguing that such a statement is fair as long as the Imperial Conference meets in London and could justifiably be adjusted if Ottawa ever became the seat of the Conference. Sent with CHAR 2/120/68. Carbon copy at CHAR 2/120/71-72. 14 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/71-72 Carbon copy of CHAR 2/120/69-70. 14 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/73 Letter from Austen Chamberlain (11 Downing Street) to WSC expressing agreement with WSC's telegram about the Washington Conference and with David Lloyd George's memorandum from Cannes and suggesting that nothing more can be done until Raymond Poincare has defined his attitude. 14 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/74 Letter from [Edward Marsh] to the secretary of the Faculty of Arts [G P Catchpole] stating that WSC does not wish to become a vice-president of the Faculty because he does not wish to be associated with bodies for whom he could not do any work. Carbon typescript copy. 16 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/75 Letter from John Kavanagh (80 Queen Street, Newry, [Ulster], Ireland) to WSC asking him to send some cigarettes or money for the ex-serviceman who donated CHAR 2/120/2. 16 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/76 Letter from Herbert Fisher (Board of Education) to WSC asking him to call a meeting of his Liberal colleagues in the Cabinet to draw up a plan of action before the Coalition Liberal meetings at the end of the week. 17 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/77 Letter from WSC (Colonial Office) to Herbert Fisher reporting that [David Lloyd George] is calling a meeting of his Liberal Cabinet colleagues. Copy in the hand of Edward Marsh. 17 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/78-79 Carbon copy of CHAR 2/120/69-70. 17 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/80 Letter from William Tyrrell [later 1st Lord Tyrrell] (Foreign Office) to Edward Marsh asserting that the publication of CHAR 2/120/81-86 and that some one like WSC must tell France that Britain attaches no conditions to its friendship but France must help it recover economically. 18 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/81-86 Report in French by Jacques Marsillac on a conversation with WSC in which WSC gave strong assurances that Britain would fight alongside France if the circumstances of 1914 arose again. [Jan] [1922]
CHAR 2/120/87 Letter from WSC (Colonial Office) to Lord Morley [earlier John Morley] asking whether he would accept an invitation to hear David Lloyd George address the Liberal Convention or at least to send a message supporting the Government's Irish policy, which has been bitterly opposed by die-hard Conservatives and support for which has damaged the position of [1st Lord Birkenhead, earlier F E Smith]. Typescript copy. 18 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/88 Letter from Lord Morley [earlier John Morley] (Flowermead, Princes Road, Wimbledon Park, [London]) to WSC arguing that his attendance at the Liberal Convention when it is addressed by David Lloyd George would not be useful to the Government. 19 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/89 Letter from [Edward Marsh] to John Kavanagh enclosing a postal order from WSC for the ex-serviceman who sent CHAR 2/120/2. Carbon typescript copy. 19 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/90 Letter from 11th Lord Valentia (10 Chester Street, [London]) to WSC asking for information as to whether the Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars are to remain in their present form. 22 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/91 Letter from Bjarne Aagaard (Farris Limited, 66 Fenchurch Street, London) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/120/92, which contains references to WSC. 25 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/92 Reprint from Fairplay: "the life of Albert Ballin reviewed by Bjarne Aagaard". Sent with CHAR 2/120/91. Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/93 Telegram from 1st Lord Northcliffe [earlier Sir Alfred Harmsworth] (Bombay, [India]) announcing that he is returning and reporting that the situation in Bombay, especially with regard to the Muslims, is "ugly". 25 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/94 Letter from [WSC] to 11th Lord Valentia hoping that [Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars] may be preserved and regretting that his own uniform will not hold together due to the lapse in time and his increase of girth. Carbon typescript copy. 26 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/95-96 Typescript copy of CHAR 2/120/97-102. 30 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/97-102 Letter from John Addams (South African Party Club, Johannesburg, [South Africa]) to WSC stating that he was rather hurt by CHAR 2/116/65-66, complaining that John Howard has unfairly taken the credit for helping WSC to escape from the Boers and asking WSC for a loan. Typescript copy at CHAR 2/120/95-96. 30 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/103 Letter from Albertha, Lady Blandford (108 Park Street, [London]) to WSC asking him to see Eva, Lady Cowans, the widow of General Sir John Cowans, who is financial difficulty. 31 Jan [1922]
CHAR 2/120/104 Letter from J A Barbour James (Royal Colonial Institute, Northumberland Avenue, London) to WSC congratulating him on the liberal policy towards non-white subjects of the Empire outlined in his recent speech at the Kenya Colony and Uganda Club dinner. 31 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/105 Translation by Edward Marsh of CHAR 2/120/106. [Jan] [1922]
CHAR 2/120/106 Letter in French from Albert Thomas (League of Nations International Labour Office, Geneva, [Switzerland]) to WSC thanking him for his helpful attitude, regretting that he was not able to see him when he visited London and enclosing CHAR 2/120/107. Translation at CHAR 2/120/105. [Jan] [1922]
CHAR 2/120/107 Resolution adopted by the League of Nations International Labour Office that the Director and other representatives of the Office should put their services at the disposal of the Genoa Conference on economic reconstruction. Sent with CHAR 2/120/106. 19 Jan 1922
CHAR 2/120/108 Notes by Edward Marsh and Mr Leake referring to CHAR 2/120/109. 01 Feb 1922 - 02 Feb 1922
CHAR 2/120/109 Letter from J A Whitehead, aircraft manufacturer (The Rosary, Henley-on-Thames, [Berkshire]) to WSC asking to see him to explain a scheme which he claims will stabilise the exchanges, give work to the unemployed, reduce taxes and help Germany pay reparations without any national expenditure. [Jan] [1922]
CHAR 2/120/110 Letter from 17th Lord Derby (Derby House) to WSC congratulating him for his part in the Irish settlement, criticising Michael Collins and his supporters for permitting the election to be postponed and warning that if [David Lloyd George] shows any sign of recognising the Soviet government at the Genoa Conference he would seal the fate of his government. [Jan] [1922]