Public and political: general correspondence, October to December 1922 and undated.

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Date: Oct 1922 - Dec 1922


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CHAR 2/125/1-2 Letter from Kenneth Lyon (War Office) to Edward Marsh returning CHAR 2/125/3-4, CHAR 2/125/5 and CHAR 2/125/6 and describing experiments with gas-propelled vehicles. 03 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/3-4 Letter from Ernest Orr (19 Queen Victoria Street, London) to WSC (2 Sussex Square) enclosing CHAR 2/125/5 and asking to see him about a gas-driven lorry he has developed. 23 Sep 1922
CHAR 2/125/5 Letter from Colonel J W Dulanty (Hotel Metropole, [London]) to the secretary at the War Office informing him that the Minister of Munitions [WSC] wishes to appoint Lieutenant Ernest Orr of the Mechanical Transport section of the Army Service Corps to a position in the central stores branch. Copy sent with CHAR 2/125/3-4. 27 Aug 1917
CHAR 2/125/6 Leaflet issued by Producer Gas Plants Ltd advertising their equipment for the driving of vehicles by gas. [1922]
CHAR 2/125/7 Letter from Kenneth Lyon (War Office) to John Stephenson announcing the award by the Commissioners of Chelsea Hospital of a special pension to William Fell. Annotated to recast the letter into a reply to CHAR 2/125/8-9. 04 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/8-9 Letter from Russell Steele (Devizes, Wiltshire) to [WSC] asking him to help William Fell, an ex-private in the Royal Berkshire Regiment who is about to have his leg amputated. 15 Aug 1922
CHAR 2/125/10 Letter from Edward Marsh to Ernest Orr reporting that WSC has communicated Orr's letter [on gas-driven vehicles] to the War Office and has received a memorandum in reply. Carbon copy. 04 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/11 Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alfred Rawlinson (Willesden Paddocks, Cricklewood, [London]) to Edward Marsh reporting that his brother in India has written to Lord Cavan about his claim to compensation for the loss of machine, guns and that Cavan will support WSC if he approaches [Sir Laming Worthington-Evans] on the subject. 04 Oct [1922]
CHAR 2/125/12 Cutting from the Evening [?Standard]: article by Dean Inge in which he attempts to estimate how many people would be alive had the war not taken place. 05 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/13 Letter from John Stephenson to Russell Steele announcing the award by the Commissioners of Chelsea Hospital of special pension to William Fell. Carbon copy. 05 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/14 Letter from Sir Laming Worthington-Evans (War Office) to WSC denying that Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alfred Rawlinson has not been properly compensated for the loss of machine guns. 06 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/15 Letter from H Bettelheim (73 St James's Street, [London]) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/125/16, "which was published before the second debacle of the Greek army in Anatolia took place.". 08 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/16 Pamphlet in French by N Hawker on solutions to the conflict between Turkey and Greece. Sent with CHAR 2/125/15. 1922
CHAR 2/125/17 Letter from [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain (11 Downing Street, Whitehall [London]) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/125/18, an extract from one of [Arthur] Neville Chamberlain's letters. He adds that he had sent 1st Lord Peel [Secretary of State for India] a copy of Neville Chamberlain's comments about V S Srinivasa Sastri, noting that Sastri was "a treacherous, untrustworthy creature". Annotated "Thanked". 11 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/18 Extract from a letter from [Arthur] Neville Chamberlain to [Joseph] Austen Chamberlain, sent on to WSC. Writing in the train between Moose Jaw and Medicine Hat, Canada, Chamberlain comments on his surprise and delight at the strong pro-British feeling in Canada, and at the offers of service that had been pouring in since Britain had called on the Dominions for help. He states that Canada could raise tens of thousands of volunteers, and comments on criticism of [William] Mackenzie King [Prime Minister of Canada] for "his miserable and shameful hedging", adding that King's office depended on the French Canadian vote and the farmers' vote. Chamberlain thinks that veterans anxious to serve again might have left work, thinking they were wanted at once, as there was an exaggerated idea of the magnitude of the crisis. He says that misleading telegrams had been published giving the impression that Britain was taking sides with Greece to deprive Turkey of Constantinople [later Istanbul]; noting that most news was doctored for American consumption and then passed to Canada, Chamberlain states that something should be done to organize a Dominions press service. Unsigned typescript. Sent with CHAR 2/125/17. [24] [Sep] [1922]
CHAR 2/125/19 Letter from [Edward Marsh] to H Bettelheim (73 St James's Street, [London]) conveying WSC's thanks for CHAR 2/125/16. Carbon copy. 12 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/20 Letter from Sir George Younger [later Lord Younger] (Leckie, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire, [Scotland]) to WSC regretting that he could not dine with him [to discuss the future of the Coalition] and reporting that the Conservative Party, which should not be confused with the small minority of "Diehards", "is likely to be in absolute revolt.". 14 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/21 Letter from [7th Lord Londonderry] (Mountstewart, Newtonards, County Down, [Ulster, Ireland]) to WSC commenting on speeches by Austen Chamberlain and David Lloyd George and wishing WSC would become Prime Minister. 16 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/22 Circular letter from A Fenner Brockway, press secretary of the Independent Labour Party campaign (Keir Cottage, Thorpe Bay, Essex) to [WSC] enclosing and commenting on a copy of the new constitution of the Independent Labour Party [see CHAR 2/125/23] and asking WSC for his views on it. 16 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/23 "Socialism re-stated: the new constitution of the Independent Labour Party". Sent with CHAR 2/125/22. 1922
CHAR 2/125/24 Letter from Kenneth Lyon (War Office) to Edward Marsh enclosing CHAR 2/125/25-26, CHAR 2/125/27 and CHAR 2/125/28-29. 16 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/25-26 Statement of the case of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alfred Rawlinson to compensation for machine guns confiscated by Turkish nationalists during the mission to Erzeroum. Sent with CHAR 2/125/24. [1922]
CHAR 2/125/27 Letter from Lord Rawlinson [Snowdon, Simla, [India]) to WSC thanking him for helping his brother [Sir Alfred Rawlinson] in his claim for compensation for lost machine guns and complaining that Sir Alfred has been badly treated by the War Office. Copy sent with CHAR 2/125/24. 01 Aug 1922
CHAR 2/125/28-29 Statement of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alfred Rawlinson's claims to compensation arising from his captivity by the Turks in 1920-21. Sent with CHAR 2/125/24. [1922]
CHAR 2/125/30-31 Letter from Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alfred Rawlinson (Willesden Paddocks, Cricklewood, [London]) to Edward Marsh rejecting the implication by the War Office that the grant to him of compensation for his period of captivity by the Turks was an act of grace rather than his right, an implication which Rawlinson believes is being used to cast doubt on his separate claim for compensation for loss of machine guns. 11 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/32 Letter from Edward Marsh to Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Alfred Rawlinson (Willesden Paddocks, Cricklewood, [London]) on papers relating to his claim for compensation. Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/33 Carbon copy of CHAR 2/125/32 without the annotations. Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/34-35 Letter from Captain Albert Larking, secretary of the Early Closing Association (30-40 Ludgate Hill, London) to WSC expressing the hope that a general election will not be called in December because it will interfere with Christmas shopping, to the detriment of the retail trade. 17 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/36 Letter from Edward Marsh to Captain Albert Larking, secretary of the Early Closing Association (30-40 Ludgate Hill, [London]) stating that the date of the general election is still uncertain and that WSC is feeling better. Carbon copy. 18 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/37 Letter from Charles Hutchings, honorary secretary of the Bristol City National Liberal Council (67 Robertson Road, Eastville, Bristol) to WSC (Colonial Office) expressing regret at his indisposition and hoping that he will be able to visit at a later date. 18 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/38 Letter from [Edward Marsh] to Charles Hutchings, honorary secretary of the Bristol City National Liberal Council (67 Robertson Road, Eastville, Bristol) promising to show his letter to WSC when WSC is able again to attend to business. Carbon copy. 19 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/39 Letter from Denis Buckley (10 Margaret Place, Cork, [Ireland]) to WSC recalling that he was with WSC on the armoured train in 1899, describing his subsequent war service and asking for financial help to tide him over a period of unemployment. 19 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/40 Photograph of WSC in Durban [South Africa]. 1899
CHAR 2/125/41 Letter from David Lloyd George (10 Downing Street) to WSC announcing the resignation of the Government and thanking him for his services. 19 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/42 Letter from Robert McAllister, honorary secretary of the Royal Scots Fusiliers Association, to WSC asking him to work for the amendment of a pay warrant which has been framed to the detriment of soldiers who served in South Africa and enlisted during the Great War. [Oct] [1922]
CHAR 2/125/43 Letter from Kenneth Lyon (War Office) to John Stephenson returning papers [? relating to CHAR 2/125/42]. 23 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/44-45 Letter from Lord Stamfordham [earlier Sir Arthur Bigge] (Buckingham Palace) to WSC expressing the hope of King George V that WSC's health is improving and his regret that WSC was not able personally to hand over his seal of office. Promises that his submission to the King for a GCMG for Sir John Chancellor will be attended to. 25 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/46 Letter from Peter Larkin (19 Victoria Street, London) to WSC welcoming the improvement in his health but regretting his resignation as Secretary of State for the Colonies, and remembering WSC's kindness to him when they first met. 27 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/47-48 Letter from Hazel, Lady Lavery (5 Cromwell Place, [London]) to WSC quoting from a letter from Kevin O'Higgins on the prospects of the new government establishing itself in Ireland and the desirability of Timothy Healy being appointed [to a major office], an idea which Lavery wishes WSC to mention to Lord Londonderry. Praises WSC's role in bringing about the settlement in Ireland. 29 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/49 Letter from Sir Herbert Samuel [later Lord Samuel] (High Commissioner's Office, Jerusalem, [Palestine]) to WSC on the largely satisfactory political situation in Palestine over the last two years, Simon's lack of regret that he is not standing in the general election, given the current state of Liberalism, and WSC's recovery from his operation. 29 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/50-53 Letter from WSC to David Lloyd George endorsing Charles McCurdy's estimate that the Coalition Liberals have a good chance of returning between seventy and eighty members in the general election, which will be enough to exercise control in parliament, and pointing out that attacks on Conservative seats would let Labour members in and run the risk of the Conservatives inflicting more damaging retaliation on the Liberals. The Liberals should therefore hasten to agree with the Conservatives that neither side will indulge in such attacks. The Liberals will be able to force a minority Conservative government to pass a bill against minority victories, the "Lloyd George wave" will strengthen and the anti-Tory vote will no longer be split. Typescript copy annotated by WSC. 02 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/54 Letter from E Cooke (Higher Elementary School, Conway Street, Birkenhead, [Cheshire]) to WSC enclosing CHAR 2/125/55 and suggesting that it could be applied to the modern situation in Greece and Turkey. 05 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/55 Page on the break-up of Greece from the exercise book of a pupil of Birkenhead Higher Elementary School [Cheshire]. Sent with CHAR 2/125/54. 03 Nov [1922]
CHAR 2/125/56 Circular letter from G K Naylor, president of the British Constitutional Labour Movement (25 Highbury Quadrant, London) to [WSC] describing their campaigning against Socialist and Communist candidates and asking for a subscription. 08 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/57-58 Telegram from the editor of the Daily Courier (Liverpool) to WSC inviting him to write a message to the electors of Liverpool, the rest of the north of England, and Wales. 13 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/59 Letter from Humbert Wolfe (Ministry of Labour) to WSC deeply regretting WSC's defeat at Dundee [Angus, Scotland]. 17 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/60-61 Letter from "Charley" [7th Lord Londonderry] (Christ Church, Oxford) to WSC expressing distress at WSC's defeat at Dundee [Angus, Scotland], describing his own campaigning in County Durham and urging WSC to rest after his operation. 17 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/62 Letter from [WSC] (2 Sussex Square) to Humbert Wolfe thanking him for his kind letter and expressing indignation at the way the poor people of Dundee [Angus, Scotland] voted. Carbon copy. 20 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/63 Letter from [WSC] (2 Sussex Square) to Lord Stamfordham [earlier Sir Arthur Bigge] describing how his campaign was truncated due to his illness, announcing his intention of leaving for the Mediterranean on December 1 and stating that he is available to see King George V any time before then. Carbon copy. 21 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/64 Letter from William Ormsby-Gore [later 4th Lord Harlech] (Colonial Office) to WSC thanking him for his letter [on Gore's appointment as Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies], sympathising with him over his appendicitis and his defeat in Dundee [Angus, Scotland], noting "the systematic and thorough way in which revolutionary economics have been taught to the younger men" and taking this as evidence that "sooner or later we shall have a big fight with Socialism in this country.". 21 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/65 Letter from Lord Stamfordham [earlier Sir Arthur Bigge] (Buckingham Palace) to WSC (2 Sussex Square) giving a time when King George V can see him and expressing the King's regret about the result of the election in Dundee [Angus, Scotland]. 22 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/66 Letter from [WSC] (2 Sussex Square) to Lord Stamfordham [earlier Sir Arthur Bigge] promising to come to Buckingham Palace to take his leave of King George V. Carbon copy. 22 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/67 Letter from James Welldon (the Deanery, Durham) to WSC expressing regret that WSC has lost his seat in the House of Commons and confidence that his fortunes will recover. 24 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/68 Note from George Lambert (House of Commons) to [WSC] wishing him good luck. 28 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/69 Letter from WSC to Major Walter Waring (Lennel, Coldstream, [Berwickshire, Scotland]) endorsing his candidature [for Berwick and Haddington]. Carbon copy. [Nov] [1922]
CHAR 2/125/70 Extract from the Sunday Express attacking Lord Beaverbrook's [earlier Sir Max Aitken] charges that his former political friends were anxious to bring about a war and condemning his political inconsistency. Typescript copy. [Nov] [1922]
CHAR 2/125/71 Letter from Margaret Lloyd George (Town Clerk's Office, 12 Market Street, Carnarvon, [Wales]) to WSC approving his manifesto. [Nov] [1922]
CHAR 2/125/72-73 Letter from "Charley" [7th Lord Londonderry] (Mountstewart, Newtonards, County Down [Ulster, Ireland]) to WSC on the divergence in their attitudes to [1st Lord Birkenhead, earlier F E Smith] and Londonderry's assessment of the general political situation. [1922]
CHAR 2/125/74 Note of the name and address of Georges Carpentier, 7 Rue Magellan, Paris [France]. [1922]
CHAR 2/125/75-77 Extract from an essay by Macaulay on the need to allow nations who have recently achieved their freedom to continue to enjoy it until the initial tumults have given way to stability. c 1922
CHAR 2/125/78 Cataloguer's note referring to CHAR 2/125/79-86. c 1987
CHAR 2/125/79 Letter from 1st Lord Forster of Lepe [earlier Henry Forster] (Melbourne, [Australia]) to WSC regretting his departure from the Colonial Office and thanking him for his help. 20 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/80 Letter from 3rd Lord Stradbroke (State Government House, Melbourne, [Australia]) to WSC thanking him for his help as Secretary of State for the Colonies, commiserating with him on his illness, wondering whether the letter he wrote to WSC about the Roman Catholic movement was deliberately not sent on to him, and stressing that it should be made clear that only products of the Empire will be used in the Empire Exhibition of 1924 to restore confidence in Australia. 06 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/81-83 Letter from 2nd Lord Lytton (Governor's Camp, Bengal, [India]) to WSC commiserating with him on his illness and election defeat, congratulating him on his achievements, reporting that the break-up of the Coalition came as a surprise in India, wondering what WSC, 1st Lord Birkenhead [earlier F E Smith] and David Lloyd George will do now, reporting that although he is enjoying his work in India he gets home-sick, and inviting WSC to visit him. 06 Dec 1922
CHAR 2/125/84 Letter from Jan Smuts (Prime Minister's Office, Pretoria, [South Africa] to WSC commiserating with him on his illness and election defeat, but suggesting that the rest will do him good, criticising David Lloyd George for failing to push for the formation of a new centre party and mistiming the general election, arguing that Andrew Bonar Law should be given a chance, and reporting that the attempt to include Rhodesia in the Union of South Africa has failed but this is only a temporary set-back. 22 Nov 1922
CHAR 2/125/85 Letter from Edward Wood [later Lord Irwin and Lord Halifax] (Garrowby, Bishop Wilton, York) to WSC regretting his illness and thanking him for making his time at the Colonial Office so pleasant. Annotated: "this is the long lost letter from Edward Wood which I have just found. So very sorry.". 20 Oct 1922
CHAR 2/125/86 Letter from Sir John Asser (Government House, Bermuda) to WSC commiserating with him over his operation, hoping that he will soon return to the Colonial Office, describing conditions in Bermuda including the exploitation of tourists and the trouble with mosquitoes and referring to WSC's move [to Chartwell]: "those hills where you are to be take a lot of beating & the neighbourhood has not yet become cockneyfied.". 25 Oct 1922