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Date: 1926


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CHAR 2/150/1 Circular letter from Edward Campbell, secretary of the Second Chamber Reform Committee, enclosing and commenting on CHAR 2/150/2. 03 Mar 1926
CHAR 2/150/2 Reprint from "The Nineteenth Century and After": "The Parliament Act and Second Chamber Reform" by F G Stone. Sent with CHAR 2/150/1. Nov 1925
CHAR 2/150/3 Note from Lord Bledisloe (Lydney Park, Gloucestershire) covering CHAR 2/150/4. 23 Dec 1926
CHAR 2/150/4 "Journal of the Farmers' Club": "Modern Swine Husbandry" by Lord Bledisloe, and reports of the annual meeting and annual dinner. Dec 1926
CHAR 2/150/5 Programme and menu of the Parliamentary Press Gallery annual dinner, featuring a cartoon of WSC trying to balance the budget surrounded by members of the Gallery. 19 Mar 1926
CHAR 2/150/6 Pamphlet: "Where nationalisation has failed. Part 1 - the coal industry." Issued by the Central Council of Economic Leagues. [1926]
CHAR 2/150/7 Pamphlet: "Simple facts about the coal industry". Claims that miners' conditions have improved, their wages have risen and their output has declined. Published by Coal Industry Publications. [1926]