Public and political: papers relating to trade union political levies.

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Date: c 1927




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CHAR 2/155/1 Filing jacket. [c 1927]
CHAR 2/155/2 Note probably referring to CHAR 2/155/3-5. [c 1927]
CHAR 2/155/3-5 Memorandum by [? WSC] criticising the trade union political levy as denying political freedom to working people. [c 1927]
CHAR 2/155/6-15 Memorandum on trade union political levies and the political expenditure of trade unions and co-operative societies. c 1927
CHAR 2/155/16-19 Memorandum arguing that the Government should either take up Frederick Macquisten's bill for the reform of the trade union political levy or introduce its own measure. Carbon typescript copy. c 1927