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Date: 1902 - 13 Feb 1903


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CHAR 2/6/1-9 Note on the National Expenditure Committee by WSC Typescript, with ms annotations. 1902
CHAR 2/6/10-13 Notes by WSC on defects in financial control, with his recommended remedies. [1902]
CHAR 2/6/14-19 Note by WSC on National expenditure, 1895-1902. [1902]
CHAR 2/6/20-27 Letter from Arthur Balfour [later Lord Balfour] to WSC, on national expenditure, particularly the character, composition and terms of reference of Select Committee on the National Expenditure. 15 May 1902
CHAR 2/6/28 Letter from Postal Telegraph Clerks Association to WSC, asking if it would be possible for them to give evidence to Committee on National Expenditure [annotated by WSC]. 10 Jul 1902
CHAR 2/6/29-34 Letter from Sir Austen Chamberlain, Treasury, to WSC, commenting on WSC's notes on the National expenditure [carbon]. 24 Jul 1902
CHAR 2/6/35 Letter from Sir Austen Chamberlain, Postmaster-General to WSC, commenting on WSC's memorandum on the National Expenditure Committee. 15 Jan 1903
CHAR 2/6/36-47 Letter from Sir Thomas Elliott, Board of Agriculture, to WSC, on findings of Committee on National Expenditure, and WSC's memorandum, particularly on method of presentation of accounts, and on question of "grants in aid". 13 Feb 1903