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Date: 1915-1916


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CHAR 2/70/1 Navy and army services, warlike operations and other expenditure arising out of the war . . . Supplementary vote of credit. Printed. Two copies. 19 Jul 1915
CHAR 2/70/2 'Report on the administration of the National Relief Fund up to the 30th September 1915'. 22 Jan 1916
CHAR 2/70/3 The Naval and Military War Pensions Bill. 19 Jul 1915
CHAR 2/70/4 'Report by the Scottish Advisory Committee on the adminstration of the National Relief Fund in Scotland up to the 31st March, 1915.'. 03 Nov 1915
CHAR 2/70/5 'Second report from the Committee of Public Accounts.'. 22 Jun 1915
CHAR 2/70/6 Return to a House of Commons order for revised estimates of revenue and expenditure for the year 1915-16. 21 Sep 1915
CHAR 2/70/7 Return to a House of Commons order for 'statements showing the amount of tax payable on certain incomes, and the virtual rate charged in the pound, under the existing law, and under proposals made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on 21 September 1915.'. 21 Sep 1915
CHAR 2/70/8 Return to a House of Commons order for copies of Treasury minutes relating to War Department expenditure and Admiralty and War Department contracts for munitions of war. 28 Jul 1915