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Date: 1943


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CHAR 20/103/1 Letter from Lord Cranborne [earlier Robert Gascoyne Cecil, later 5th Lord Salisbury, Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons] to WSC marked "Private and Personal" informing him that he has talked with Anthony Eden and stating that he is happy to be at his disposal and will go wherever he suggests but adding that he believes that it is essential that Anderson remains as Chairman the Lord President's Committee as he is the only one who understands the technical points of home policy Signed manuscript. 22 Sep 1943
CHAR 20/103/2 Same as CHAR 20/94A/121 Initial in typescript. 25 Sep 1943
CHAR 20/103/3 Letter from Sir Archibald Sinclair [later Lord Thurso] (Air Ministry) [Secretary of State for Air] thanking him for informing him of the discussions on the proposed reconstruction of the government and asking him to consider Crinks [Harcourt Johnstone] and Harold Balfour [Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Air] before making any decisions stating that Crinks could hold down a better position than his present one and that Balfour has served in the same position for five years, has worked with zeal and who may feel that he is being under valued. Signed manuscript. 24 Sep 1943
CHAR 20/103/4 Letter from Jim Thomas (12 Downing Street, S W 1, London)to WSC thanking him for his appoimntment to the Admiralty Signed manuscript. 25 Sep 1943
CHAR 20/103/5 Letter from John Martin [Prime Minister's Principal Private Secretary] to James Stuart (Chief Whip) stating that he thought that he would like to see the enclosed Signed. Annotated. 24 Oct 1943
CHAR 20/103/6 Letter from WSC to Brigadier General Lord Croft [Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for War] thanking him for his letter and stating that he will not forget what he has said Signed. 24 Oct 1943
CHAR 20/103/7 Letter from Brigadier General Lord Croft (69 Cadogan Gardens, S W 3, London) [Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for War] to WSC marked "Confidential and Personal" recommending Alan Lennox Boyd, currently in active service, for a post in administration, believing that this will provide him with training for higher duties after the war Signed. 21 Oct 1943
CHAR 20/103/8 Note marked "addl from P R O" Manuscript. c 1943
CHAR 20/103/9 Letter from Margot, Lady Oxford and Asquith (Savoy Hotel) to WSC asking him to consider Sir Frederick Leith Ross before deciding on the outcome of his Cabinet reshuffle, stating that he is very loyal and wise Signature in typescript. Copy. 12 Nov 1943
CHAR 20/103/10 Original of CHAR 20/103/9 Signed manuscript. 12 Nov 1943
CHAR 20/103/11 Envelope from Margot, Lady Oxford and Asquith to WSC marked "Private" Manuscript. Annotated: "By Special Messenger". c 1943
CHAR 20/103/12 Letter from John Martin [Prime Minister's Principal Private Secretary] to WSC informing him that Sir Alan Lascelles [Private Secretary to King George VI] has asked him to recommend that Lord Fortescue might succeed Lord Snell as Captain of the Gentlemen at Arms Initialled. 23 Sep 1943
CHAR 20/103/13 Note stating that it is to be written in the Private Secretaries own handwriting Annotated: "Sir E Campbell". c 1943
CHAR 20/103/14 Letter from WSC to John Simon thanking him for his letter about Sir Edward Campbell Initials in typescript. 24 Sep 1943
CHAR 20/103/15 Letter from John Simon [House of Lords, S W 1, London) to WSC asking him to consider Sir Edward Cambell [Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Chancellor of the Exchequer] for an Under Secretaryship Signed manuscript. 23 Sep 1943
CHAR 20/103/16 Letter from WSC to Sir Graham Little [Independent MP for London University] thanking him for his letter and informing him that matters like this are always on his mind Signed. 03 Oct 1943
CHAR 20/103/17 Letter from Sir Graham Little [Independent MP for London University] marked "Personal" recommending that he consider Dr Burgin for a position in the Treasury which is to undergo a reshuffle due to the death of Sir Kingsley Wood, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Signed. Annotated. 22 Sep 1943