Official: Prime Minister: Correspondence regarding appointments to office.

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Date: 30 Apr 1944 - 12 Nov 1944


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CHAR 20/151/1 Note marked "Viscount FitzAlan of Derwent" Manuscript. 1944
CHAR 20/151/2 Letter from WSC to Lord FitzAlan informing him that he will consider his comments regarding the leadership of the House of Lords Signed. 09 May 1944
CHAR 20/151/3-4 Letter from Lord FitzAlan (Cumberland Lodge, Windsor) to WSC marked "Strictly Confidential" regarding the possibility of Lord Beaverbrook [earlier Sir Max Aitken, Lord Privy Seal] taking over the position of leader of the House of Lords and commenting on the disadvantages of this situation and is asking him to prevent this "catastrophe" from happening Signature in typescript. Copy. 30 Apr 1944
CHAR 20/151/5-8 Same as CHAR 20/151/3-4 Signed manuscript. 30 Apr 1944
CHAR 20/151/9 Letter from John Peck [Prime Minister's Private Secretary] to 1st Lord Mottistone [earlier John Seely] thanking him on WSC's behalf for the note which he sent to him. Initialled. 12 Nov 1944
CHAR 20/151/10 Letter from 1st Lord Mottistone [earlier John Seely] (34, Tufton Court, Westminster) to WSC informing him that he is willing to assist in filling in the gap caused by Lord Moyne's [former Deputy Minister of State, Middle East] death and commenting that he has had recent contacts with Egypt and that he has a special technique for dodging bullets Signed manuscript. Annotated. 12 Nov 1944
CHAR 20/151/11 Letter from Sir Archibald Sinclair (Air Ministry) [Secretary of State for Air] to WSC marked "Personal and Secret" informing him that Harold Balfour [Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Air] wishes to remain there and asking him if he would considered Dingle Foot [Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Economic Warfare and Liberal MP for Dundee, Scotland] for this position instead and commenting on his qualities Signed. 28 Oct 1944
CHAR 20/151/12-13 Letter from Bobbety [Lord Cranborne, earlier Robert Gascoyne Cecil, later 5th Lord Salisbury] (Dominions Office) to WSC recommending Paul Emrys Evans [Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Dominions Office] commenting that he would make an wonderful Under Secretary and detailing his qualities Signed manuscript. 1944
CHAR 20/151/14 Note from WSC to Sir Archibald Sinclair [Secretary of State for Air] informing him that he has already appointed Osbert Peake [Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Home Office and Conservative MP for Leeds], to the position of Financial Secretary to the Treasury] as the position is a Conservative one, but adding that he will find a position for Dingle Foot [Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Economic Warfare and Liberal MP for Dundee, Scotland] when his present position is abolished Crossed through and annotated that WSC has spoken to Sinclair's personal assistant. 29 Oct 1944